What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

Living in Mexico Part 1


at least someone likes these bottles

     This post is bound to have about a million parts. (Yeah, I’m finally getting to the expat stuff.)

     So why am I dying to get out of paradise? Well for one, because in general, everything is more difficult here.

     You can’t drink the water out of the tap, so you have to buy huge bottles of water (garafones) to use for drinking and cooking. I say screw it and I use tap water to brush my teeth. I’m still alive. There are a few different ways to get these bottles. The first (and my personal favorite) is from a man on an adapted bike with a big basket type thang in the front. In the basket type thang he has empty garafones and full garafones. He’ll take your empty one and sell you a full one. You can also do this yourself at the grocery or convenience store. There are also big trucks from various companies that drive around neighborhoods to provide the same service, but don’t try to return your Electropura garafon to the Crystal guy! Sorry, once Electropura, always Electropura. Does this seem not so difficult? Well believe me, you always seem to run out of water at 11:30pm when you’re in your pjs and it’s pouring rain outside, or when your baby needs a bottle like 5 minutes ago.

     OK, here’s a great one. In the U.S. (don’t say America dummy, Mexico is America too) where does gas come from? You know, like if you have a gas stove? I don’t even know! But I know where it comes from here. It comes from tanks that I have to buy. There is a gas tank on our back porch (Can you say fire hazard?) that is connected to my stove and dryer. When it’s empty I have to call a gas company (there’s more than one, kinda like the water but more confusing) and ask them to bring me more gas. This then becomes like waiting for the cable guy…you really don’t know if they’ll show-up between the times they said they would. Anyway, when they finally show-up they take your empty tank and leave a full one. (Again like the water.) To add insult to injury, at our house, there’s a seperate tank for the hot water boiler. Great! Two tanks to worry about! You ALWAYS run out of gas for the boiler while you are showering. Always.

I am just gettin’ started.

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