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Buying Used Crap


So we have already established that I grew-up in Whiteville, Michigan, USA. In addition, it was rich (or at least upper middle class) Whiteville. Pretty much everyone had plenty o’ money, or at least it looked like they did. (My dad always told me not to be too impressed…the bank might own everything.) As for people who did not have plenty o’ money, well for the most part others were happy to point it out to them, as if they hadn’t already noticed.

I was so clueless as to how the rest of the world lived (my parents tried to tell me but at that age your world is pretty small). Even though we had a 4-bedroom house, a 4-bedroom cottage, and expensive cars, I was still complaining about the fact that I only had one pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.

When my mom would go to K-mart, my brothers and I would duck down and hide in the car. Can you imagine? There are days in Cancun where I would do anything to be able to go shopping in a K-mart.

My mom has always been frugal. She loves shopping at garage sales, Goodwill and The Salvation Army. Almost everything except for the large furniture and appliances and the linens in her condo is previously owned (sounds fancier) stuff. I never really understood her passion for used crap, but when I was pregnant with mi bebe and visiting my mother here in AZ we were in a Goodwill so I checked-out the baby clothes…and then bought a whole bunch!

The stuff was like 2-3 bucks, and like new. Babies can’t wear anything for very long. The clothes I bought that day that he has grown out of are still nice enough for another baby to wear.

These stores don’t exist in Mexico. There is something called the tianguis, but I have yet to visit. I do know that the tianguis is outside (read: no air-conditioning) in a savory neighborhood and I believe it consists of stalls and stalls of people selling used crap.

I arrived in AZ ready to hit the resale shops (sounds fancier). The first two were kind of a bust. I figure with the state of the economy more people are shopping in these places and fewer people are donating stuff. However, the third place…score! Used baby clothes at 2-3 Dollars a pop…and it was 50% off day! lol Got some toys too.

OH, and I almost forgot about Craigslist. I am addicted to it! We found baby boy’s car seat and pack-n-play for his stay at Grandma’s on Craiglist. However, after we bought these things, I continued to search for things everyday. It’s so much fun to see what’s out there!

So once again I am exactly like my mom in a way I was sure I never would be.


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