What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

Living in Mexico Part 2


We’re back in “paradise”. My husband was alone for 10 days, so of course there wasn’t a thing to eat in the house. He is so helpless. He ate a million sandwiches.

Anyway, this meant that after traveling for approximately 8 hours with a 10-month-old baby, I had to go grocery shopping.

I do most of my grocery shopping at Walmart. They seem to have the largest percentage of things I want and need. I had just been to Walmart in Phoenix, so I was spoiled and I probably shouldn’t have visited the Cancun Walmart so soon after returning from the U.S.

I wasn’t only spoiled because the Walmart in the U.S. has WAY more and WAY better merchandise, but also because I don’t seem to have any problems with fellow shoppers when I am shopping there. I don’t understand the people here. They are some of the most polite people on the planet. Actually, many people (my husband included) think that they are too polite and that it comes off a bit “slave-ish” (his word not mine). However, when it comes to getting out of the way, whether it’s driving, walking or shopping, in the street, on the sidewalk or in a store, these folks ain’t movin’! I swear that sometimes it seems like they are purposely blocking the way so that you can’t get by. And when you say something to them (politely or rudely), they act like, oh, I GUESS I could move. Then they move their cart two inches (or centimeters here) to the left. That is, if they even acknowledge you because you in fact are the one inconveniencing them. The fact that they are hogging the whole aisle seems to escape them.

I know what you are thinking, it’s all in my head, or maybe I’m being oversensitive. Well, my Canadian friend noticed too (Whaddup girl!?). In fact, she was so fed-up one day that she just rammed her cart right into a lady’s who was hogging the aisle. LOL I would have loved to have seen that. If I remember correctly it kind of played out like a game of chicken.

It doesn’t help that the aisles here are really narrow. I swear, during my entire visit to the U.S. I didn’t have one problem (and I did A LOT of shopping) manuvering my way around any stores. I never had to ask anyone to get out of my way either.

One time I read an expat article online about grocery shopping in the Dominican Republic and it discussed this exact phenomenon, so I guess Mexico is not the only place where this happens. The guy who wrote it seemed to think it had something to do with the fact that the other person considers him/herself more important than you are. So much for all that politeness!

Then, while driving home we were almost in an accident. I was in the right lane and some idiot was in the left lane and changing lanes in order to turn right. Luckily my husband had just gotten my horn fixed, or else the guy would probably have hit me. He didn’t see me or even check his blind spot (punto ciego…they are supposed to know about it too) until I honked.

“Almost getting in an accident” is a normal occurence here. If you don’t pay attention and don’t move, there’s gonna be an accident, because they ain’t movin’.

Welcome back to “paradise”. Fasten your seatbelt (and the baby seatbelt in the shopping cart too).

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