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Neighbors…the Good and the Bad


hola neighbor

     I love our neighbors. They love my son. He is only 10 months old and when he hears the rejas (iron gates to keep the boogyman out, you can see them in the picture) he crawls to the window (any second now that will be “walks to the window”) to see who is coming home. Then he stands up and bangs on the window and yells. Then my neighbors smile and wave and talk to him. They are the best. 

   I also like that our neighbors have dogs. Actually, before we went to AZ, it was dog. The people downstairs had Marley, a feisty female German Shepherd. When we got back from AZ, it was dogs. Suddenly, Marley had a sister, a little grey Scottish Terrier (at least I think that’s what she it) named Missy, and the neighbors behind us had Snoopy, a scruffy black rescued street doggie with a “please love me” face. Anyway, I like that our neighbors have dogs because we don’t have one and I want Malcolm to grow-up to appreciate dogs and other pets. I hate it when kids are afraid of dogs! 

     I have had some bad neighbors. In the last place we lived, just one street over from where we live now, a complete A$$HOLE lived directly below us. He would play techno music allll the time. I despise techno music and even if it’s turned way down, you can still hear the base. He and I actually almost got into a physical altercation one day. He backed down. I did not. lol Finally after about a year of listening to his music a lot of other neighbors were tired of it too. One day we all got together and went to his door. He wouldn’t open it, so we went outside and shut-off the electricity to his apartment! (Yes, it’s just sitting out in the open for anyone to touch. This is Mexico.) I had fantasized about doing that a million times. He still didn’t open his door. We left it off for about an hour and when we turned it back on he didn’t turn his music back on. Shortly after this I wrote a letter to the owners of the building and enough neighbors signed it that he got kicked out of the building. 

     I also had a not so great neighbor in Chicago who also played blasting music, but after I politely complained to him a few times we became pals and all it took was a couple good bangs on the wall and he would turn it down. I ended-up being really grateful to him because he told me that Public Enemy was playing at the House of Blues (I didn’t know) and I ended-up going AND meeting Chuck D, Flava Flav and Professor Griff! 

   I must admit, I do believe that my “neighbor karma” is the reason for the music-blasting neighbors I have had. In college my best friend/roommate and I would mercilessly blast Public Enemy, Soul 2 Soul, Regina Bell and Mariah Carey. Our friend had left his brand new CD player (and his 4 CDs) with us for the summer so that his parents wouldn’t know he had bought it. Our poor neighbors, they would complain and we didn’t care at all. They must have hated us. 

     When Hurricane Wilma passed through Cancun, I suddenly met ALL of my neighbors. I had to flee my apartment during the hurricane (that’s a story for another day) and I ended-up spending 2 days with the only neighbor I knew in my apartment building. After the hurricane was over, everyone emerged from their apartments and started sharing stories, and lots of other things. However, I’ll never forget one girl…her phone (landline) worked, but she didn’t want anyone to know. People wanted to let their loved ones know that they were ok, alive even, and she was worried about her phone bill. 

     Neighbors are great, unless they aren’t.

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