What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

An Afternoon at the Beach


Sunday was a good day to be living in Cancun. Papi didn’t have to go to the hotel until 7pm, so he and el niño and I headed to El Mirador, arguably the most beautiful beach in the hotel zone. It is also called Playa Delfines (Dolphin Beach). I have never seen any dolphins there. The reason the beach is so nice is that there aren’t any hotels on it! Plus, it is huge.

We didn’t leave the house until 3pm because it is really HOT this time of the year. We arrived at about 3:30pm and it was beautiful! For 100 pesos (about 8 US Dollars) we rented an umbrella and two beach chairs. El niño thought it would be fun to use the chair as a ladder. He climbed all the way to the top and was ready to take a dive on to the sand.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) we only had 3 beers in the house so that’s all we brought with us. Papi drank two and I drank one, since I was driving. Wow, things sure have changed, we certainly aren’t the drinkers we used to be. We love Barrilitos! Que rico! They kind of feel like a Red Stripe in your hand.

We were excited for el bebe to take his first real swim in the ocean (he has dipped his little feet in before) but after the first wave crashed over he and Papi’s head, he was done.

We tried to take him in a couple of times after that but he wasn’t having it. He preferred to sit on Mommy’s lap and dry-off in his Tigger towel (yeah, I know, but I had to have it, he looks so cute in it).

Mommy and Daddy took turns taking a swim. Then we relaxed for a while and pondered why most people were swimming in their clothes. (I said they were too poor to buy swimsuits, Papi disagreed.) As I drank my one precious beer I hoped that the couple behind us would not get busy on their beach chair.

Our son seemed very interested in what was going on over there.

The family next to us needed someone to take a picture of them so I volunteered. Then I asked them to return the favor.

Then it was time to pack-up and head home. As much as I am dying to escape “paradise”, I must say again, Sunday was a good day to be living in Cancun.

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