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Moving to Cancun E-mail Number 1


Since my blog is supposed to be mostly about moving to/living in Cancun, Mexico and since I probably won’t be able to work on it a lot on weekends, I thought I would share the mass e-mails that I sent to friends and family when I first moved here (I will add notes where clarification is needed). I moved here on February 18, 2001. (The original plan was to live here for a year?!?!) This e-mail was written on February 19th. It’s hard to believe how much has changed since then. If you would have asked me to speculate where I would be almost 10 years later I don’t think I could have dreamed-up my life as it is now. I wish I could share pictures as well, but back then I had a camera that used film, and I don’t have a scanner. Sorry! Hope you find these interesting…

Hi Everyone,


Now that I got that over with…

the trip was fine, but exhausting. I bawled on the first flight for an hour. People were handing me gobs of tissue. It was very hard to say good-bye to
my friends in the airport. I will have to tell you all all about the FABULOUS
surprise party that they threw me. THANK YOU! Sammy (my cat Samantha) an angel on the trip, even when I had to take her out of the carrier (again) in Dallas so that her carrier could go through the x-ray machine. Thank God for tranquilizers. (When I got to Cancun I walked right through customs with Sam in her carrier. They never even noticed her so I didn’t have to show vet papers or anything. She was an illegal alien!)

My friend Jesus (a tennis pro I had met on an earlier trip to Cancun) was unable to find me last night, but is here with me now at the internet cafe. It is only $1.65 an hour!!! It feels much better to have a friend
to talk to. Last night in the hotel I was a little freaked-out, and I was exhausted, but I couldn’t sleep. That was frustrating. (I remember I didn’t sleep at all that night. I kept thinking, “What have I done!?”)

The hotel isn’t exactly the Ritz Carlton (far from it), but it is air-conditioned and has a fridge for Sam’s insulin (my cat had diabetes). I am SO glad I brought her. She is a ton of company. The owner of the hotel wants me to
put her in some crappy, dirty little room whenever I leave. Forget it! It wasn’t even air-conditioned! I put her in her carrier in the room when I went out this morning. Poor baby. I am going to visit her soon.

I think I will relax today. Jesus is going to show me how to get a phone card and use the payphone, and I think I will go to the school (one of the English schools where I was going to look for a job) tomorrow. He thinks that I should get a cellular phone, so I might do that soon
so that you guys can call me.

It HOT! And I love it. I’m sure it will take a while to get used to it. This morning I was walking around for about an hour (I got kinda lost) and I was
SWEATING! I just strolled along and looked at the sights. It is going to be hard to find my way around. None of the streets run parallel or perpendicular. They just kind of run in circles! Anyway, Eventually I
found my way. (I had literally about 6 blisters on each foot after that first day and had to buy a pair of flip-flops that I had to wear for weeks. I think the change of climate really affected my skin.)

Someone please save my e-mails. I would like to keep them as a record of my adventure. (More than one person did. Thank you!)

Please write! I want to see a TON of messages in my in-box. I’ll be in this cafe bawling!


Boodie, Black-out Boodie, The Broad, Boosie (and whatever other names you may know me by)

The adventure had begun!!


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