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I am sick of not being lazy.


     I have been lazy about blogging. First because of the weekend/holiday, and then because I got sick. I have always thought of myself as someone who rarely gets sick, but it seems like since I had el niño, I have been getting sick a lot more often. I have gotten some kind of a stomach thing probably 3 times since he was born. The kind of stomach thing that literally knocks you on your butt but only lasts about 24 hours. Now I have a terrible cold. It came on verrrry slowly. It started last week with a terrible canker sore under my tongue. That was tough because it hurt so much to eat, and I love to eat!

     Sick or not, I used to be able to lounge around all day no problem, but at some point that changed, and I don’t mean when I had my son. Somewhere between Chicago and Cancun I stopped being able to be lazy. I have a very hard time lying around. I go to work when I am sick. (I went in yesterday but felt so bad that I had to leave.) I even did laundry yesterday evening. I only lie down and do nothing when I have absolutely no choice, meaning I feel awful (like yesterday afternoon). You know, the kind of awful where all you can think about is making it to the bed. Try taking care of a baby when you feel like that.

     Anyway, I’m not sure if this “can’t be lazy” thing is good or bad. I mean, my semi-obsessive-compulsive self says that it’s good that I am not lazy, but the old slacker in me says it would be nice if I could relax a little. The thing is, I can relax, but only if everything is done and in order. I want to say that between my German dad and an extremely neat and organized mom I had no chance, of course I was going to end-up like this, but then how did my brothers escape my fate? As far as I know they aren’t obsessive about getting things done and I know they aren’t obsessive about neatness.

     So, what should I teach my son? Should I let him follow his dad’s lead? Let’s see…throw everything anywhere, don’t use a plate to eat. “Where is that again??” or “I’ll do that mañana.” Or should I show him how to put away and organize his toys and tell him that we need to get everything finished before we rest or have fun? Will it even matter? Is this something that’s taught or is it predetermined? And I always wonder if a “relaxed” attitude in general crosses over into not following and fulfilling your dreams and having a lack of initiative. 

     I must say, I am really annoyed by people who are lazy and then complain about how nothing ever gets done. These are usually the same people that don’t answer your e-mails or return your phone calls and call into work when they aren’t sick. However, I do sometimes wish that I could leave the dirty dishes in the sink overnight.

       Ah well, there may still be hope for me since after all, I was lazy about blogging!

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