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A Wonderful Birthday Weekend


I got lucky this year and two of my best friends came to Cancun for my birthday! Actually, one of them also celebrated a birthday on the 9th, so we had a joint celebration.

I would love to share a little bit of our day on Isla Mujeres with you. We went yesterday, on my birthday. Isla Mujeres is a small island off of Cancun, and although it is much more built up than when I moved here almost 10 years ago, it’s still way more quaint and quiet and “Mexican” than Cancun. I have always loved it there and I still do.

My friends took more pictures than we did, as it certainly wasn’t our first time on the island, but I would like to share a few of the ones we did take.

We took the ferry over from Puerto Juarez. You GOTTA sit outside on top, and you’d better wear a hat and/or lots of sunscreen when you do.

waiting for the ferry

the ferry

When we arrived we immediately rented a golf cart so that we could tour the island. We got a huge “family size” golf cart, complete with a “trunk” for all of our bags. Papi finally got to drive a golf cart and he was pretty excited about it. Bebe thought he might like to drive as well.

no beer for you bebe

After driving for awhile we arrived at the spot where I always like to get out and take pictures. I asked a guy selling ice cream to take the group picture. He really sneered at me until I set 10 pesos down on his cart. It was worth it!

yes, those are real clouds

the whole gang

When we finally made it all the way around the island (after the necessary stops of course) we decided that it was time for lunch. We chose one of the restaurants on the beach right on the main drag as I had eaten there before and liked it. The seafood is as fresh as can be. It’s not very cheap, but it was my birthday! They even had a one man band playing Cumbia and Salsa music. El niño was jammin’!

they "made up" their own sign for Dos Equis beer...geeks

the one man band is behind us

I want to give you one of my special sloppy kisses Mommy

After a YUMMY lunch, complete with Papi having a coughing/crying fit thanks to some salsa habanero, we headed to the beautiful beach, ordered another bucket of beer, and all went for a swim.

sharing a special moment with my boy (that is Daddy in the water in the background)

Then it was time to head back to the mainland. As we climbed into the golf cart, I suddenly remembered that they had said something about it needing to be back before they closed at 5pm. Oops! It was already 5:15pm! They tried to charge us a 180 peso late fee, but the boys talked ’em out of it.

And that my friends, is a perfect birthday.

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