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Moving to Cancun E-mail Number 2


As promised, when I am busy and/or lazy I will post the mass e-mails I sent out the first year I moved to Mexico. I will be adding details. I hope you find them interesting. Almost 10 years later it is really fun for me to read them!


Here I am again. I want to say thank you for all of your e-mails. They have been so nice for me to read!

Well, I now have an apartment, and I use the term “apartment” loosely! It is a room in Jesus´ building. The people that live there call it “Melrose Place”
because everyone is walking around, chating, and hanging-out in each other´s rooms. I get to be Amanda because I have blond hair!! Anyway, it doesn´t look very pretty, and there isn´t any hot water, but it is in a
safe and busy area! My room already looks cute because I brought framed photos with me. Samantha seems to know that we are going to be there for a while. It is nice to feel settled. Today I am going to get a refrigerator and a hot plate. I can eat quesadillas every day! (I really loved living in that room. It was just a room with a bathroom that had “saloon doors”. It had some pretty Mexican style flowers painted on the walls near the ceiling. It had two windows. I used a sarong as a curtain on the big one. The little fridge and one electric burner really worked-out well. I cooked-up a storm in there! I lived there for almost a year and a half. I learned a lot of Spanish because I didn’t have cable TV in that room so I was forced to watch Mexican TV including soap operas, or novelas. I actually started to enjoy them!? I also met my Mexican partner in crime there, as she lived in the building as well. Unfortunately we are no longer friends but that is a story for another day.)

I also have a cell phone. I will pass out the number as soon as I have more “time” on the phone. Here you don´t have a bill, you just buy cards and program the time into the phone. So far I have been able to talk to (my best friend) and my mom. A lifesaver!! Dad, please call soon!

I have decided that I will start looking for a job on Monday. I want to go to the beach and Salsa dancing at least once before I start looking. After all, it is
almost the weekend and I thought I deserved a little time off. I haven´t been going or eating out, so I haven´t been spending a ton of money. And, I am going into Salsa withdrawal!! (In Chicago I had left behind the most fabulous Latin dance school, Latin Street Dancing. I took Salsa lessons every month, filled-in for missing students in other classes and went out dancing at least once a week. Besides my friends, it is still the thing I miss most about my life in Chicago.)

The weather is gorgeous (nahnah!) and I seem to be getting used to the heat already!

Stay tuned! I miss you all.

Love, Kristin

PS Thank you (my other best friend) for the secret card. I loved it. (My friend who was not exactly thrilled about me moving away stashed a lovely card into my suitcase. It really meant a lot to me.)

PPS Girls from work, if Pat or anyone else isn´t getting these, then send me their e-mail addresses.

I now had my “home base” and was ready to devour Cancun!

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