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My baby can walk?


baby's first shoes

hmmm, I don't know about these things on my feet

but they do kinda make me look like a big boy 🙂

     The day before he turned 10 months old my baby boy took his first two steps at my mom’s house in Arizona. It was an exciting event, but he didn’t really start WALKING at that moment. For about a month now he’s been taking a couple steps here and there, and then right around September 14, the day he turned 11 months, he took off. There’s no stopping him now!     

     I bought his first pair of shoes when we were in Arizona. Unless you live in a cold climate, I don’t think shoes are really necessary for babies. My son apparently doesn’t think so either. The first couple of times I put his shoes on him he wasn’t very happy about it. He kicked his feet, chewed on them and tried to pull them off. When he tried to walk in them he tripped over his own feet. I took him to a party and one fell off of his foot. I put them back in the closet for a few more weeks.

     Then the other day we attended a little girl’s birthday party. We were at my friend’s house visiting so when they came over to invite my friend’s son to the party they invited my son too. (Yeah, they brought the invitation over the same day as the party, just a few hours before it was to begin. Mexico.) The party was outside in the concrete “yard” or as they say here “garden”, so my friend loaned me an old pair of her son’s shoes for my son. I figured he wouldn’t be able to get around in them. I was wrong. This time he walked all over the place. It was so strange to see my little baby walking among all the bigger kids.

     Walking is a BIG milestone. Every time my baby does or “says” something new it is thrilling and I am reminded how lucky and grateful I am that he is healthy and safe, however at the same time, a strong melancholy comes over me. My baby is growing-up so quickly. Now he doesn’t even need me to get where he wants to go.

     Mi niño, my love for you surpasses any words I could utter. Tread carefully my sweet baby boy.

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