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Moving to Cancun E-mail Number 3


Here is the third e-mail I sent out when I moved here. When I read these I cannot believe I just up and moved here with a couple suitcases, my “ghetto-blaster” and my cat. I must have been REALLY bored of Chicago, and now I miss it desperately!

Hola a todos!

Well, as some of you know, a couple of days ago I wasn’t feeling too happy, but I am better now, so don’t worry about me. (I don’t remember why I wasn’t feeling too happy. I was bored a lot in the first days and I had too much time to think and miss people.)

Yesterday I went with Jesus and his girlfriend Nina to Playa del Carmen, which is where Nina lives. (When I moved here Playa del Carmen was still a small town. It was was safe and charming but like everything here it is completely different now.) It is sooooo cute! (My best friend), you are going to LOVE it. It is full of hippies and all different types of tourists i.e. Europeans, not just people from the US. We went to the beach…GORGEOUS! I know you are all jealous. (I moved here from Chicago in February so of course they had to be jealous.)
Then we had tacos and next went for coffee and people watching. Last night Nina was tired and she had to work this morning, so Jesus and I went out. I even got to go salsa dancing. I need to go with another woman though! Jesus had to recruit people to dance with me. They dance a little differently, but I will catch on quickly.

So, the job hunt starts tomorrow, not today. I am going to two schools and I am going to make a call about a tour guide job.

My understanding of Spanish is already improving. I am still a little afraid to speak sometimes, but I am getting better. The man in this internet cafe is
always speaking Spanish to me, QUICKLY! I just smile at him and try to catch a few words. (Who knows what that dirty old man was saying to me!?)

One thing I love is, now some of the people in the neighborhood recognize me and don’t try to sell me stuff, etc. They say hello!

Thank you all for your sweet encouragement. It is so nice to hear from you all.

Derek, if you are getting these…HAHAHA, I did it!

Love to all!


Next e-mail, actual job hunting!

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