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My Rage


     Today a friend posted this link on her Facebook page…

“Go without hate, but not without rage. Heal the world. ” by David Tomlinson


     I am so sick of hatred, bigotry, bullying. My heart and soul ache when I read this man’s words, of how he had to suffer in solitude when he was a young man for fear of how other people would feel about THE WAY HE WAS BORN. I may not be gay, but I know this story well. I have many very close friends (I actually consider them to be my family) who happen to be gay, and I have seen each of them struggle…who to tell, who not to tell? Tell at work, not tell at work? It just makes me sick. Everyone has the right to be who they are and to not have to live in fear of rejection and ridicule from THEIR OWN FAMILY and other people.

     I may not be gay, but I have my own stories of bullying. I won’t tell them all right now, but I will give one example. I have a turned-up nose. It looked even more turned-up when I was younger. I never thought to hate my nose until someone said something about it. This started in elementary school and continued into COLLEGE. My freshmen year, a group of guys from the swim team started to make fun of me…snorting at me in the cafeteria, saying things. It was so painful. I had never imagined that this ridicule would happen once I was in college, but it did. This went on for quite awhile, of course I dreaded running into them when they were together, as I noticed they never did it when they were alone. So one day, the “leader” walked by me as I sat on the floor in the hall chatting with a friend, and I stopped him. I asked him why they made fun of me. What had I ever done to them? And I cried. They never made fun of me again. However, when I was younger, I would never have had the courage to do this, and who knows if it would have worked on a younger bully? It may have made things worse.

     The author of the Facebook post’s story is triumphant. He developed into a brave actualized man, but younger people don’t have this kind of strength yet. They are only starting to discover how to become who they really are and when their peers taunt, tease and belittle them, many don’t have the strength to withstand it, and they don’t have the support at home to help them to deal with it. How is a gay teen supposed to seek support at home if they have heard their parents make negative comments about homosexuality? WHERE IS THIS CHILD SUPPOSED TO TURN WHEN THEY ARE SURE THEY WILL BE JUDGED AND REJECTED BY THE VERY PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO LOVE THEM NO MATTER WHAT?

     I AM SICK AND TIRED of these bigots and their fear, and that’s all it is, fear. WHAT ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF? WHY should anyone possibly care if someone loves (or has sex with) someone of the same sex? I know that religion is often an excuse, but even if your particular religion condemns homosexuality, IT IS NOT FOR YOU TO JUDGE, that is your God’s job. (My God is fine with gays but not with hatred and bullying.) 

     With all the pain and suffering in the world, why oh why do we need to add to it? STOP spreading hate and teaching your children your hateful ways. At some point the bullies you are sending out into the world may cause another human being’s death. Educate and enlighten yourself and free yourself from ignorance and hate. Teach your children compassion, acceptance, and love. You might need some of it yourself one day.

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