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We’re going to see big sister!



my favorite photo of my son and his sister

bye-bye...we'll be together again soon...and finally...soon is today 🙂

     My little one and I are off today, off to join Papi and his family, off to throw my little angel’s (and sometimes my little devil’s) very first birthday party. I am so grateful that he will be able to celebrate with his big sister.

     When big sister found out I was pregnant, she already knew she wanted a little sister. I had always pictured myself with a girl, and for that reason imagined I would have a boy, haha, but after suffering two miscarriages right before I got pregnant with my son, the only thing that was important to me was that my baby was healthy. My husband adores his little girl and I think he was actually hoping for another. Anyway, I was a little afraid to tell big sister that she was going to have a little brother, and not a little sister, but she took the news pretty well, and the closer and closer I got to my due date she would ask her dad, “WHEN?!”

     Since they don’t live together (they don’t even live in the same country) I worry about their relationship. I also worry because they are 11 years apart. Will they be able to form a close bond? Will they stay in touch regularly? I sure hope so.

     I hope they are the kind of siblings who hug. I hope that he will look to her for advice. I hope that she will look to him for advice. I hope she will practice her English with him. I hope they will live together in the same city and meet for coffee. I hope they will cook for each other. I hope they will share stories about their children. I hope they will laugh together about how they both have the same slightly over sized head. I hope they will tell each other about Mexico and Cuba. I hope she will help him to know and understand his Cuban grandparents.

     I hope she will tell him all about his very first birthday party.

     Take care everyone, see you next week.

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