What am I still doing in Cancun?

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     Today my son is one year old. On Saturday his Cuban family threw a huge fiesta to celebrate…Cuban style!


I sure am glad I didn't have to help blow all these balloons up

      Next…a pre-party birthday photo shoot while his hair is still combed…

Is it time for my party yet Mommy?

      But alas, before the photo shoot is even over, the blond afro has shown itself…

try getting a 1-year-old to look at the camera

     Then, the cake arrives…

um, not sure why his first name is in quotes, LOL

     …and all of the guests…

try getting a 1-year-old to wear a party hat

    It’s time to sing and blow-out the candle. Big sister had to help with that.

Why is the cake on fire Papa?

      Before we cut the cake, one more picture, this time with Abuelo, Abuela and big sister.

toda la familia

     Now the party has officially begun!

had to take the picture fast, before the hat fell off

     Now it’s time for gifts, and cake!

yay, a choo-choo train

I'll try the cake but I am a little tired

     Time to play! (check the afro)

um, these are MY birthday presents

Is the party almost over? I am exhausted.

     This year has been the most exciting, most difficult and best year of my life. Felicidades mi niño. Te amo!!!!

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