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I Don’t Have a Job



This was a fun Christmas party! Unfortunately I contracted a strange "pirate disease" and missed work the next day.

     Wow, it finally happened. We got fired.

     I have been at my job for 8 years and 2 months. In 2002, I moved back to Chicago, thinking it was for good. I was going to get a “real career” and buy a condo and make a real life for myself after my year of teaching English, dancing Salsa and living in a room in Cancun. For the most part, I became more depressed as each day passed in Chicago. Winter was coming and the city I had loved so much now felt too big and I felt out of place. I lasted 3 months, and when my friend in Cancun said they had a position for me where she worked, and that they would fly me down for an interview, and that it paid much better than my teaching job (meaning I could rent a real apartment) I was sooo outta Chicago. I packed-up most of the things I had brought back, and returned to Mexico.

     Without going into too much detail, the job started out relatively normal, but a few years ago, the bottom fell out, and we were in constant fear…constant fear of getting fired, and possibly of being in legal trouble (personally that is, because the company itself already was).  At one point, there was an idiot working there (one of many) who for no real reason, was trying to get me fired. I was in the process of trying to get my husband out of Cuba and back to Mexico, so I was terrifed of losing my work papers, legal status and source of income. When Hurricane Wilma hit, I was sure this would be the company’s excuse to just close up shop and head for the hills, and my husband was still not here. Unbelievably, we returned to to work only a couple days after the hurricane.

     So, I have been prepared to be fired for literally, years. However, it was still a shock. TODAY is finally THE DAY? It’s the end of an era. There are people I met and worked with there who are part of my Cancun family.

The first office we worked in. "The girls" and our boss. He has since passed. 🙁

"The Girls" in our second office. We moved around a lot!

     So what now? I have always been very worried about where I would work after this job ended. Most jobs in Cancun are 6 days a week, and 9 or 10 hours a day (with a two hours lunch). It will be very difficult to find another job that pays what I made (and it wasn’t even that much) and in U.S. Dollars.

     However, something strange happened the day we got fired. After we went to the government office where you sign all the papers and get your severance pay (in cash), we went to have drinks (cheladas, yum) to “celebrate” getting fired, or I guess celebrate the new adventure we were all about to embark on. Then, me and my buzz had to go pick-up my son from daycare. (I hoped they wouldn’t smell my breath or the stench of cigarettes.) Next, I gave him dinner, a bath, and put him to bed. When I came out of his room, Papi said that someone had called, an old friend from Harmon Hall who I had seen at the party last week. I was dead tired but he said it seemed urgent so I called her back.

     She was calling about a job.

    Seems another friend who I had seen at daycare when I had dropped my bebe off (and who I had told about getting fired) was over at her house. She had mentioned that I had been fired. And the first friend told her that they have a job for me where she works! So she called me. My husband couldn’t believe it. He said, “You are SO lucky.”

     I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but this would be exactly something that would happen after years of worrying about where I would work next. I’ll keep you posted. Keep your fingers crossed!


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