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It’s “Cold” in Cancun


     So I woke-up this morning, and it’s cold!

     Well OK fine, it’s not cold, but it certainly is cool. When I got up it was about 67 degrees, and now it’s about 72. I know that if you live in the Midwest, this sounds ridiculous, me calling this “cool” or “cold”. However, the sun isn’t shining and when you are used to sunny 90 degree weather, cloudy and 70 degrees feels very cool.

     Many of us in Cancun like it when it cools off. We get to wear our jackets, light sweaters, long sleeve shirts, and once in awhile at night, a sweatshirt! (Sweatshirts are so unflattering, but gosh do I love ’em. It’s the Midwestern college girl in me.) In Michigan, when springtime hit and it got up to 72, we pulled-out our shorts and put AWAY the long sleeved shirts! ha

     Another thing that’s good about cool weather is, no hurricanes. I don’t know a lot about weather, but I do know that hurricanes like (and need) very warm weather to form. It seems Tomas realized it was chilly in Cancun and headed in the opposite direction. Ah, poor Haiti, like they need more problems. 🙁

     I remember one of the exact moments I decided to move here, and it was because of weather. I was brushing 3 feet of snow off of my Honda Civic in Chicago. I thought, “Who the hell would ever live here if they had a choice?” Now, it’s no secret that I would like to return to the U.S. to live, but as much as I love Chicago, I would probably never go back. Summer is awesome, Spring and Fall are decent, but they don’t make-up for the long, grey, cold, snowy Winter.

     One thing that really annoys me about the weather here, mostly from June-October, is the sweating. I really hate sweating. I mean, not when I am exercising, but when carrying-out daily tasks like getting my son dressed or picking-up around the house. My face sweats, my neck sweats and my hair gets all wet underneath. So annoying. And when I was pregnant? OH MY GOSH. When I was about 8  months along we moved. Before we moved even one thing in I had air-conditioning installed in the living room area because this apartment is just hot. There is no cross breeze whatsoever. After it was installed, I was so angry, it wasn’t powerful enough for the size of the room! I was still hot ALL THE TIME. Well, I now realize that was just pregnancy, as this summer the air-conditioner seemed perfectly adequate.

     Oh crap, the sun is coming out. See that is the thing about Cancun, if you don’t like the weather, don’t worry, just wait a few minutes, it will change. And well if you do like it, sorry, it probably won’t last for long.

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