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To Sing or Not to Sing

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Singing with New Image (I didn't name the group) in the Excellence Riviera Cancun.

     I have an audition tonight and I don’t even know if I want the job. I have decided to give it my all, as I try to do with everything that I do, see what happens, and then decide. The thing is, although singing is my biggest passion, it has always been something I have done in my free time. I like having the stability of a 9-5 job, and then singing in my free time and making some extra money. However, I haven’t sung (Is that a word?) at all since my son was born. All of my free time is for him, or for recovering from spending time with him. Now I find myself without a job, and it turns out that some of my job opportunities are singing jobs.

     I have pretty much blocked-out my feelings about singing since I haven’t had the time to do it (unless you count singing to my son at sleepy time) but yesterday at rehearsal, they all came rushing back. I don’t know where these feelings come from or why some people have them and some don’t, but my gosh I LOVE TO SING. After my son was born, I pretty much decided that I wouldn’t try to sing full time at all if I were to lose my job. I have to take care of him (my husband and I that is) and I can’t be messing around with jobs that aren’t full time and stable. However, now I am finding out that it might be possible for me to find a full time (daily) singing job, at least for high season. But then what am I supposed to do when high season is over? Will these same opportunities to work a 9-5 be available?

     So, I’ve decided I will go for it all, see what happens, and then decide. Hence the audition tonight. Then yesterday at rehearsal, my friend who plays the piano and will audition with me said that he already has an offer for a daily job (for just him) and that he also knows about a singing job that is available that actually pays MORE than what I made in my former job. (Of course, I would have to audition.) Jeez, now I don’t even know what to wish for! The hotel where the audition is tonight didn’t express whether they need live music every night, so I don’t know what to expect.

     Could I get a 9-5 and sing part time again? Well I could, but the schedule would have to be perfect. I am not going to be away from my son all day and then have a babysitter feed, bathe and put him to sleep. It’s just not going to happen. So the job would have to be a couple of nights a week at the most, and it would need to start around 9pm so that I would have time to get glammed-up and get to work (it would have to be close too and not in the Riviera Maya) once my baby boy was asleep.

     So I guess my options are, a daily singing job that pays well and is under contract. I would spend almost all day everyday with my son (a full time job in itself that pays in wonderful hugs and smiles but unfortunately not in cash). I would need a very very dependable babysitter in the evenings. Second option, a 9-5 and we pretty much stick with the schedule we already have. In the second option it would also be possible for me to work in a singing job a couple of times a week that is at the perfect time and the perfect location.

     Well, now it doesn’t seem quite so complicated!

     I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for listening!

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