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I Filmed a Cancun Commerical


     On Thursday I filmed a commercial. I told my husband, “I am more like Beyonce everyday…first singing and now filming a commercial!” LOL LOL

     It wasn’t actually a commercial for Cancun, it was for Selvatica, an adventure park that is actually closer to Puerto Morelos. Here is the park’s website…http://www.selvatica.com.mx/. Here you can also see the last commercial they shot for the park, which won a Telly award. Selvatica is the number one rated attraction in Cancun on Trip Advisor, and I had never even heard of it!

     I was not sure what to expect from the day. The friend that called me and asked me to “star” in the commercial with a VERY famous actor (or at least someone that looks a lot like him) is lovable, but a bit of a goofball. The last time I filmed a commercial for him some friends and I got loads of make-up smeared on our faces and raved about some travel club on camera in a conference room in a downtown Cancun hotel. However, this experience was NOTHING like that. Brad, the park manager (I will use his real name in case you ever visit and want to say hello) and Jimmy, the friend who was filming and later editing the commercial picked me up downtown (oh Brad’s chiwawa Minnie was with them too). After a quick stop at Starbucks we were off to the park!

     When we arrived things started happening immediately. They mixed me in with a group of tourists and filmed me at reception and picking out a Selvatica t-shirt (pink and girly fit, very cute). Next, it was on to orientation and then they filmed me on a zip line…3 feet off the ground! I asked where my stunt double was…they told me, you ARE the stunt double. Hmmm…I don’t think Beyonce has to do her own stunts.

     I was filmed doing various activities in the park. One of the coolest was riding the four-wheeler through the jungle. Although I consider them to be very dangerous, I can see how once you get on one, it’s hard to control yourself, your speed, etc. What a rush! I also got to ride an actual zip line high above the jungle canopy. All I have to say is…awesome.

     The most difficult part of the day was when they filmed me jumping off a platform in a tree. I was attached to a cable that is attached to a fan that slows you down. Um, a fan??? It was only a couple of stories high, but I have never been fond of heights, and there wasn’t any sort of cushion or giant pillow at the bottom, just gravel and a cute guide to “catch” me. Um…OK. So, I climbed-up (you are always attached to something in case you fall) and I kept thinking, you can do this, but once I got to the edge and I was hooked-up and it was time to jump, I couldn’t do it. Jimmy kept shouting at me “Gimme a count, 3-2-1,” but each time I would get to 2 I would stop. After about 10 minutes I was almost crying and I thought, I cannot disappoint these people. I thought about my son, and I stepped off. My eyes were closed and I was looking away from the camera. I had to do it 2-3 more times and each time it got a tiny bit easier to step off of the platform. I was proud of myself, I faced my fear and I pulled it off.

     The day was exhausting, but exhilarating. The staff is fabulous and the surroundings have been left as natural as possible. I will definitely be returning to Selvatica and I would recommend it to any tourist or local!

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