What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

A Visitor in the Ritz Carlton


     OK, so on Saturday night I was working and we had a surprise visitor. When we came out from the cement stairway behind the kitchen (this is the only hotel I have ever sung in that doesn’t let the musicians sit out where they play during their breaks) there was a lady in the lobby that the musicians were very happy to see. They were obviously all great pals with her. The director introduced me and told me that she is the second in charge at the artist’s union. She is also a singer and a teacher. So of course, as many have done for me, I asked her if she would like to sing, and she did. Um, she was so good, I wanted to vomit. I was thinking, did these guys call her and tell her to come so I would feel like crap? lol They were all happy playing with her and singing back-up. They even had her sing a song that I LOVE to sing and that I sing often, Georgia. I swear they did that on purpose. I was trying to think of something bad about her. I thought, “Well, she’s old,” HAHAHA, “How ridiculous I am,” I thought,” We are all headed for old and old is awesome.”

     Anyway, after she sang I jokingly said, “Well I am not going to sing anymore!” (I actually wasn’t joking, I didn’t want to.) However, she was wonderful. She said that I sing very “nicely” and that I was the queen of the night. Um, not anymore! haha After we finished our set I told her that I plan to take the free classes the union offers to musicians who are paying (they start in January) and she offered a cassette and book to me (Um, where am I gonna listen to a cassette?) that she said would help me a lot.

      When we walked-out to leave the director told me that we weren’t working on Sundays this month. I was SO relieved inside. I was dead tired and my voice needed a break. Today I went to my friend’s house, he is helping me figure out what key I sing new songs in (since they refuse to rehearse) and helping me with my technique.

     I wish I could set-up a hidden camera so you could all see how it was going! Maybe someone will come down and visit and stay in The Ritz? 😉

     I’m off to practice! Peace out!

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