What am I still doing in Cancun?

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What’s Been Happening


My boys before the crib incident. My husband almost never wears a shirt at home. It's hot here!

     I haven’t been able to blog. Sorry. I have been sooo busy. I really miss writing and getting my thoughts out.

     A lot has been going on. Last night mi bebe climbed out of his crib and fell on to the tile floor. So scary! He is only 13 months old and we have a normal sized crib and the mattress is as low as it can go. He has a big bruise on his forehead and a bruised nose. I have now smeared the crib rails with Vaseline (Sounds crazy I know but he won’t be able to climb now, will he?) and I ordered a crib tent as we are going to visit my mom in AZ on Saturday. He also has another bruise on his forehead and his upper lip is cut on the inside because he fell on the stairs yesterday. He was climbing and Papa was behind him. Hopefully the daycare doesn’t call child protective services!

     Speaking of the daycare, the day that I filmed that commercial Papi went to drop our boy off, and it was closed. Closed as in shutdown completely and everything was gone. Nice. We were shocked and a little freaked-out. A few days later the two ladies that worked there called and explained that the owner hadn’t been paying them, etc. Whatever. It’s just ridiculous. Only in Mexico. Mi bebe already started at another place (with my friend’s daughter as well, they were at the other one together) and has adapted very well although the first week was pretty tough. I am sad because he was very attached to one of the ladies at the old daycare, but she may babysit here and there when I am singing.

     Speaking of singing, it’s going better. On Saturday night the piano player/director said I needed to sing some of the songs higher and I nicely said everything I had been holding in, like how I haven’t sung for 2 years and how I know they are awesome musicians and that there have been really great singers before me. Then I started crying. lol I tried to hold it in but I am a notorious crybaby (which I have recently discovered seems linked to my birth control pills) and I just couldn’t. Well it was the best thing that could have happened. We had a good talk and he said I sing perty and that he just wanted me to sing some of the songs higher so that my voice would shine more. He said that awesome singers are usually a big pain in the a$$ anyway. He said we would work on stuff together (without rehearsing of course).

     I have been running around like a loca trying to get my papers in order. I have a work permit and previously I could only work in one approved position, but after a couple of weeks of research and a lot of bad information, I found out that because my son is Mexican I have a special status and I only needed to inform immigration that I am changing jobs. WHEW! It used to be WAY worse than that! I also had to get something called “facturas”  (we’ll just call them receipts) so I can charge the hotel for my services as I am an independent contractor and not an employee of the hotel. These are very official government receipts so you have to go through a huge process to get them. However, that particular government agency (hacienda) is now really modern (computerized) and organized. I was able to get these receipts because of my new work status. I have needed them in the past but have never been able to get them.

     WHEW, so that’s what’s been happening. Hopefully I will soon be settled into a routine (Wait, maybe after my trip?) and be able to write more often. Next time…one of those old “Moving to Cancun” e-mails! I wonder what happened to that girl next? 🙂

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