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Moving to Cancun E-mail Number 9


When we last left our crazy girl who moved to Cancun she had finally gotten a job teaching English…

Hi everyone,

Here are some things/stories that I find funny, and maybe you will too…

This morning at 5am I woke-up to a terrible noise! I look at the door of my apartment, and Samantha is having a LOUD cat fight with another cat through the 2 inch space at the bottom of my door. I swear, there is
NO worse sound than a cat fight! I was afraid, and half awake, so I picked Sam up while she was still fighting. I surprised her and she scratched the hell out of my arm. Now I look like I was in the cat fight.

On the bus, when the spring breakers want the driver to stop, they yell “ALTO!” at him. This is indeed what is written on stop signs, but it is not how you tell (or ask) someone to stop. It means “tall”. HAHAHA! I love it! (Yeah, people still do this.)

Beware parasailers! Last week I saw a couple (they must have been thinner than us, Michael) landing, and they were almost impaled on a lovely rusty fence. The guys who were running the whole thing seemed more worried about the parachute than the people.

Someone was murdered in the market by the school the other day. Don’t worry, this NEVER happens here. (HA! It happens ALL THE TIME now!) Everyone is talking about it. The killers drove to the hotel zone, had a shoot out with the police, and then escaped. I went to the market one day (it’s really cool) and when I returned to the school the teacher from Jamaica told me what had happened. When I asked him why he didn’t tell me BEFORE I went, he said that he didn’t want me to be afraid. Thanks.

So many things happen everyday, and I often forget to tell you about them. Right now, life is settling down. I work 7 hours a day, and 3 hours on Saturday. Last Wednesday was a holiday, so I went Salsa dancing on
Tuesday night. I met a kid from New York who was on spring break with 11 other guys. He was sick of that scene and he loves to Salsa, so he went out alone. He was the best dancer that I have danced with since I arrived! Yesterday I went to lunch with the English girl from my school and then we went walking all over. She showed me a charming little house for rent right downtown. It is soooo cute. We decided that I need a boyfriend immediately so that she, her boyfriend and my boyfriend and I can rent it. It has a back and front yard, a driveway, and beautiful flowers growing all around the arched front door. The floor is decorated Mexican tiles. Anyone want to make an investment? I’ll be the live-in caretaker!

Today I went to the beach. It was beautiful, and I have decided that it is my favorite beach. All of them are very different. I got a wonderful surprise too! My mommy called me while I was there. (Did Michigan State win Mom?)

Love to you all. Who is visiting after (my best friend)? (What day are you coming? I try not to think about it so I don’t get too excited too early.)


Thank goodness friends and family saved these e-mails for me. I had forgotten so many of these things.

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