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Baby Gets a Haircut


I have been avoiding the first haircut for awhile now. I love my son’s curly blond afro and I figure sooner rather than later he will be shaving his head and complaining about his curls, so I might as well enjoy them while I can. However, it had gotten to the point where some of the hair on his head was 4-5 inches long, and some was 1 inch long. In addition, it is not the same texture all over his head, and some of the long parts were really hard to comb through. I only comb his hair once every 24 hours. Papi has also been at me to get baby’s hair cut, so I told him maybe I would do it while visiting Mom in Arizona, and yesterday, we did just that at the local Great Clips.

Mom and I were very worried about how it would go. Baby never ever ever sits still anywhere, not even on my lap. He only stays in one place when strapped in. The nice hairdresser (Do they still call them that?) suggested he sit on my lap, so that’s what we did.

Let's get started.

I love combs, maybe this will keep me occupied.

Or maybe not. Hey, what are you doing??

Get this thing off of me!

Lemme turn around...this isn't so bad after all.

This seems like as good as time as any to make-out with Mommy. muuuua

Aren't you finished yet nice lady?

Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyy I'm gettin' a haircut!

It's starting to look different...

So handsome!

Hey, what happened to all my hair?!

It went much better than we imagined it would and they gave us a nice “Baby’s First Haircut” card with some locks in it. Then Mommy got her haircut too!

My baby looks like a little boy now. 🙂


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