What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

Missing Arizona and Back in Cancun with a “New” Singing Job


     Our trip to Arizona was so nice, I didn’t want to return to Cancun, but what else is new? Considering the fact that when we left Cancun baby boy had two ear infections and a respiratory infection we had a great vacation.

     Along with my baby’s first visit with Santa Claus, we went to Zoolights at the Phoenix Zoo, which was beautiful.

A couple of trees...

and a few of the animals. My pictures don't do it justice. It was fabulous.

     My bebe also went on a swing (alone) for the first time.

I'm not sure he liked it?

     He and Grammy also met a “snowman”.

It's always fun trying to get a decent picture of a toddler.

     And as you know from my last post, he got his very first haircut!

This went much better than we imagined.

     Then there was just the usual…hanging-out with Grammy…

It doesn't get much better than this.

     and trying to kiss her doggie Spike.


     And of course we had to pose for a new Facebook profile picture.

Well at least I'M smiling.

      I pigged-out on WAY too much fudge and Christmas cookies, like unbelieveable amounts, but that’s what Mom and I do when we get together. We also drink heavily after bebe goes to bed. One night Mom had fudge and wine for dinner!

     Anyway, now we are back in Cancun and it’s been freaking freezing. Thank goodness for the blanket sleeper Grammy bought for baby. And can I just say here that I love a baby in a sleeper!? So cuddly!

     Anyway, things have really changed in the singing department. Right before I left they told me that when I returned I wouldn’t be in the lobby anymore. Huh? They told me I would be singing in a fancy schmancy restaurant (ok well they didn’t say “fancy schmancy”) with my friend the pianist who got me the audition. It’s very different as it’s just the piano and I, no microphone. I thought I would hate it but it’s really nice, fun and relaxing. And my friend likes to rehearse! In addition it’s earlier. After the inital stress of making sure my nice babysitter/cleaning lady could watch my son earlier it has worked-out quite well. It is really hard to not be the one who puts my boy to bed every night (ok, feeling weepy now) but Mama’s gotta work.

I thought they must have gotten some fabulous singer in the lobby to replace me, and last night I finally got to find out. I feel better now. LOL She is fine, nothing special, and um, let’s just say I don’t think her wardrobe is appropriate for the Ritz Carlton.

I may be able to sneak and take some pictures of the fab restaurant when there isn’t anyone eating. It’s gorgeous. (Would you expect anything less?)

I hope I can post again soon. Funny how I supposedly only work 3 hours a day now but I have way less free time?

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