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The Christmas Blues


     I never really understood why people get depressed or melancholy during the holidays.

     However, I do now.

     This year was really tough for me and I’m glad that Christmas is over. (However, I do love my decorations and I will leave those up until January 2.) 

     Growing-up, my Christmases were wonderful, and every year we had lots of Christmases! Although my dad’s mother and stepfather lived in Germany so we didn’t usually see them at Christmas time, my mom’s parents were divorced and both remarried, so that meant two Christmases, plus there was the huge Christmas which was with my great-grandma and everyone on down (my dad said once he counted 65 people). We would go up to Scottville, Michigan where my mom grew-up, stay with my grandpa and grandma, and have 2 or 3 days of Christmas.

     It wasn’t even really all the presents that made it so much fun. My grandma would decorate her house and make tons of treats, the same ones every year, and put them in special Christmas dishes, containers and bowls. My aunt would make wonderful Christmas sweets (my favorite were the peanut butter balls) and at Great-grandma’s Christmas (when I was young Great-grandpa was still alive too and we had Christmas at the farm which was the best of all) everyone in the entire family would bring yummy food they had prepared and it was really special because we normally only got to see the entire family twice a year. At the Christmas with my other grandma (mom’s mom) and my uncle, aunt and four cousins (all boys…I was the only girl as I have two brothers) my cousin and I would play Santa and pass out the loads of gifts that were piled-up halfway up the tree.

     So now here I am in Cancun…no family, no snow, my husband had to work both days (he doesn’t really understand or care about Christmas anyway) as did I. I am telling you…depressing! Bebe and I had no invitations (Maybe I should consider why? lol) and I didn’t think ahead enough to invite anyone over either. On Christmas Eve during the day I felt so sad and awful that baby and I went to the mall (they are going to start charging us rent soon) and then to the park. I did feel a little bit better after this as I bought the babysitter a Christmas gift and we weren’t just sitting around the house all day, but Christmas day was looming down on me…the entire day, just Bebe and I, with nothing to do and nowhere to go. I put a desperate status update on Facebook…please drop by and see us!

At least Baby Boy did enjoy opening his big gift. It sure doesn't take kids long to learn how to open a present.

    One dear friend said she would stop by, but my plea caused an aquaintance (who is now definitely a friend) to invite us over for Christmas dinner. Haleluja! We had a wonderful time and I even got to have a couple glasses of wine. Que rico! The food was extra yummy and Baby sat with the other kids (in a highchair) and ate the adult food which I had cut up into little pieces, so I got to sit with the adults and eat.

     So this year I experienced what true Christmas spirit is all about and I hope that some Christmas in the future I will be able to invite a lonely person who is far from home to Christmas at our house.



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