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The Pedicure from Hell


Yeah. Remember how I talked about my nice pedicure in my last post? I lied. It was not a nice pedicure.

My happy toes (they didn't know what was coming)

I got the pedicure on Monday. On Wednesday night the side of my left big toe started to hurt a little bit. On Thursday morning it hurt a little more, and by Thursday afternoon it was red, swollen and hot. I started to read about infections and pedicures…staph infections and people dying?! I made an appointment at a Dr. Scholl’s clinic (I don’t know if it is official or if they are stealing the name but I have a feeling it’s the latter) on the recommendation of a friend who used to live here. The only appointment they had was in 20 minutes. I asked my jefe (boss) if I could go and come right back since I was starting to worry about having to have my foot amputated or worse. Thank goodness he is very cool and let me go.

I got to the place and felt very confident. As my friend had told me, they have seen everything! This nice older lady with a very cool spiky different colored hairstyle took care of me. What is coming now is yucky and gross, don’t say I didn’t warn you. The cool lady cut down my toenail (not across) along the side. She then started to cut on the side where they infection was and cleaned the pus out. Then she dug around for awhile and cut a huge piece of skin out. She did this all with only a topical anesthetic. She had an injection as well and said she could use it if it hurt too much, but ever since going through labor, my threshold for pain has gone WAY up. Then the cool lady wrapped it all up, gave me toe condoms (she cut fingers off of a pair of gloves) and told me to keep it absolutely dry and that she would see me Saturday. It cost 470 pesos (about 40 Dollars US).

Toe condom.

I went back on Saturday morning. Thank goodness for the toe condoms, it was pouring rain. I figured they would take off the bandage and send me on my way. Cool lady was not there but a young lady took off my bandage, cleaned the area up, and proceeded to put another one on. I was like, “Again?” She said yes, and you still need stitches. STITCHES?!?!

I asked for more toe condoms.

I was really afraid they were going to charge me 470 pesos again, but luckily revisions are only 60 pesos (5 Dollars US).

Yesterday I went again, during my lunch hour. Second young lady took care of me. Turns out I don’t need stitches thank goodness (I misunderstood, DUH) but I do have to go back again! Second young lady didn’t put another bandage on but she packed the area with cotton. The area where the infection was is all red and inflamed. I still can’t get it wet and I have another appointment for Wednesday.

The other day I passed the salon where I got the pedicure and I almost went in. I am torn. I am spending a lot of money on this problem.

Manicure/Pedicure          200 pesos

Tip                                 50 pesos

Dr. Scholl’s visit #1          470 pesos

Dr. Scholl’s visit #2          60 pesos

Dr. Scholl’s visit #3          60 pesos

Total                              840 pesos (not counting gas and my next visit), 70 Dollars US

My husband says I should ask for my money back. I feel kind of bad though, the girl didn’t mean for this to happen. Then again, what if she does this to someone else?

I still don’t know what I am going to do, but at least it looks like I won’t have to have my toe amputated and I am not going to die of blood poisoning.

Stay tuned for The Pedicure from Hell Part 2…


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