What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

Moving to Cancun E-mail Number 11 & 12


I am posting two e-mails today since the first one isn’t very long. A theme seems to be emerging…dancing salsa! Here is the first one…

What a wonderful time I had today at this cafe. Thank you for all of your messages telling me what is happening in all of your lives. I love to hear about it!

I have to go and eat now, as I have to work at 2pm. I will write you all back the next time I come here. I just wanted to say hi!

Oh, I had a wonderful weekend. Bety and I went salsa dancing on Saturday night (until 6am) and on Sunday we went to the beach. On Sunday night we went to a great seafood restaurant in Puerto Juarez (where you catch the boat for Isla Mujeres). For any of you who visit me, it is a definite destination. They have a Cuban band and show. Bety and I are getting to know all of the Cuban musicians because we are always at all of the salsa joints…rough life! HAHA! (I still know the musicians we met that day and unfortunately that restaurant, Perico Marinero no longer exists.)

(Best Friend), I’m soooooo happy to hear that you got your ticket for May! You and (Another Good Friend) will be here at the same time. Sooo, we either buy an air mattress, or one of you stays in the hotel across the street. I think the air mattress is fine. We won´t be hanging out in the room much! Plus, it´s MUCH cheaper at hotel “Melrose Place”! (My amigas actually stayed in a room together at the hotel across the street. I have no idea where I thought I could put an air mattress in my tiny room!)

For those of you in Michigan and Illinois, I´m glad to hear that the weather is improving! You all sound more cheerful!

Thank you again for the messages!

Love, Kristin

Here is the second e-mail…

Hola! I am writing today because I will not be able to come here all weekend, and I wanted to check in.

First, has anyone sent me any letters? I’m just curious, because I haven’t received any, and I want to know if it’s because of the “snail mail”, or if it’s because nobody sent me any letters!

Well, May at Hotel Melrose Place is booked! Yeah! So, far the tentative visitors include…May 2-6 R and B (although they have other accommodations). Next, my cousin from Germany, May 7-20, and then (Best Friend) and (Another Good Friend) May 23-30. I will have a busy, tiring, and HAPPY month. I am so excited to see everyone! (That month was crazy! You’ll find out why in upcoming e-mails. I must say again that I NEED A SCANNER as I have pictures of all of this. :()

Interesting problem…bug bites. I have TONS of them. I don’t know where I get them, or what is biting me, but I look like I have the chicken pox. Attractive! Any ideas on how to keep the creatures at bay?

Oh! I LOVE my cold showers now. It is getting HOT, and they feel great. The only thing is, the beginning of the shower is now hot (the sun heats up the water) and then it gets cold again. Weird. (Now when we run out of gas I do not love my cold showers!)

Another school called me for a job. Well, I told them the same thing, that I felt I had made a commitment, and that I had to stay where I was. The director told me that that says something about me, and that the next time they train, I will be the first one they call. That was nice! (This turned out to be a very important phone call!)

Payday here is interesting. Usually you get paid in cash, but last week there wasn’t enough money, so we got some cash and a check that wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on (until Monday). I had read about this, so it wasn’t a big surprise, but it was a little frustrating. Later I’ll tell you how we pay taxes!

This weekend Bety and I are going to see her friend Maria. She lives in a little town south of Cancun. Then, Saturday night we will go to Playa del Carmen to dance salsa. Sunday we will go to the beach. The beach in Playa is much bigger and more beautiful than here in Cancun (if you can believe that). I am excited to get out of here for a night. I will be thinking of you all. I do everyday.



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