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The Pedicure from Hell Part 2


In response to a comment on my post The Pedicure from Hell, I shall update you all on the dedo (toe) situation.

After I went to Dr. Scholl’s on Wednesday and found out I would have to go in yet again on Friday, I stopped at the “salon”. (It seems like there should be another word for this place!) First I will tell you what I should have done, and then I will tell you what happened.

I should have gone in there and asked for the owner’s name and phone number and that’s it. Instead, I walked in and explained to the girl who did my manicure/pedicure and another girl who was working there what happened. They looked at me like “Duuuuuh?!” They didn’t even offer me my lousy 200 pesos back nor did the girl offer to give me the 50 peso tip back! I decided not to get all German American on them (read: let them have it) because frankly, it doesn’t accomplish anything here in Mexico and that infuriates me even more. They stuttered and stammered and said maybe I got a small cut and that’s how the infection happened. They offered me a free service, like a haircut or something. I was like, “Yeah, I’ll think about it.” Why would I want to give them a chance to screw something else up?

I left there more irritated than ever about the situation (they didn’t even comment on how cute my son is LOL). I went to Dr. Scholl’s on Friday. (That’s 5 visits total people!) My experience there was great and I would recommend that place to anyone who has any foot/toe issues whatsoever.

I really love pedicures, and I will get another one eventually.


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