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Advice for Mamas 2


The child who is the catalyst for all this advice.

So I love to give advice (and blab my opinions) and I haven’t given any in awhile (or at least not any that I have posted). I have loads of advice about all kinds of things, but since I am a new(ish) mother, advice for moms is at the forefront of my advice repertoire these days. Now that my sweet angel boy (LOL!) is a toddler, here are some more things I’ve discovered.

1)      Hide toys.

Sound mean? It’s not. Hide some cool smallish toys for tough times like meals in restaurants, a rainy day or a long car or airplane trip. Get them out and get a few minutes of peace.

2)      Get a dark colored stroller, car seat and diaper bag.

The pink stroller is adorable, but it won’t look adorable after 6 months when it’s filthy. Yeah, you could clean it but you probably won’t have time and even if you do, it still won’t look all fresh and pretty and pink like it did in the store. Oh, and try to get things that are machine washable (diaper bags) or that have covers that you can take off that are machine washable (strollers and car seats).

3)      Get some mommy friends.

The support! The understanding! Your kids entertain each other! Need I say more?

4)      You can still drink.

I mean, don’t get wasted, but a nice big beer with lunch at the mall isn’t going to kill anybody and it will take the edge off.

5)      Carry a change of clothes.

Yes spitting-up is over and last week I would have told you that you don’t need to carry a change of clothes anymore but then out of nowhere mi niño puked 3 times at the mall on Saturday afternoon. So stuff a change of clothes in the diaper bag, they ain’t heavy.

6)      Get the next size diapers.

If your little one’s expensive diapers are leaking at night, buy the next size up. They might be a little big but they also absorb more pipi!

7)      Teach your baby to love books.

I have been looking at books with my son since he was born. Now he loves his books, picks them up and starts showing me things and “talking”. He will bring one to me and want me to sit down so that he can climb on to my lap and we can read (or he can just turn the pages) together. It’s the best.

8)      Um, but they can still watch T.V.

I was thrilled when mi bebe would finally watch a little T.V. while sitting in his highchair. It ain’t gonna kill ‘em. You have stuff to do, and most of it is stuff you are doing for your little one! My mom informed me that as soon as I would sit through Sesame Street she would put me in my highchair and place it in front of the T.V….and I turned out just fine.

Didn’t I?


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