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Yal-Ku Lagoon, Akumal


Wow, has it already been a week since our visit to Akumal? Now I am planning a night in Tulum for my boys and I, we are just waiting to find out when Papi’s vacation is.

Here is the post I promised about the lagoon…



Sign at the entrance.

This place is amazing. Gorgeous, relaxing, inviting. I mean, look at the water!


Jump in!

It’s like a poor man’s Xcaret or Xel-ha, but I’ll take it! No all-inclusive, no crowds… there were only like 10 other people there!

Again, we couldn’t snorkel because we had the boys with us, but it was totally worth going anyway. After we paid the 110 peso cover charge (less than 10 US Dollars and the boys were free) we started to get the boys swim diapers on, etc. but we quickly realized that we would need sunscreen and you can’t use regular here, so we bought the biodegradable stuff. It smelled like toothpaste. Nobody got burned though!


Yal-Ku lagoon

See the statue on the island?

The floor of the lagoon is limestone so it was slippery. I quickly figured out that the bottom was not flat. In one place I might be able to stand and then there might be a huge drop-off, so at first we just hung-out by the steps. We could still see fishies! We saw striped ones and aqua blue ones. I must admit I was a little jealous of the people who were snorkeling but someday we’ll go back when my niño can snorkel too.



Are you sick of looking at these pictures yet?

It was very difficult to stay by the steps for a natural fishy like me, so I decided to blow Malcolm’s floaty thing up. Then I held onto it and we ventured out a little bit! My niño loaned his water wings to his buddy, but we think they may have hurt his arms. He cried and cried and wanted out of the water (and the water wings).

After our swim we got a beer (just the mommies) and strolled around the paths and checked-out the cool sculptures they have just plopped in the jungle.



Hope she's not too hot with that blanket on.


But seriously, the sculptures were beautiful. I loved this one.


Good idea chicas!!

Perfect picture!

Ay sweetie, the camera is not over there. Hey, is he looking at those girls?!?!


This place is awesome. Another friend went last week and she snorkeled and she said she saw tons of fish. I have read in reviews that if you swim out to where the lagoon meets the ocean sometimes you can see other animals, like turtles.

We will definitely visit Akumal and Yal-Ku again.

And I don’t know why my pictures are so damn small now but I’ll try to fix that. I’m so good at blogging, aren’t I?


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