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Everybody’s Working on the Weekend


So last weekend (I dunno why I love to start sentences with “so”) I had to work on the weekend. I have recently been put in charge of the Facebook page for one of the company’s smaller hotels (Ocean Spa Cancun, please go “Like” it) and there was a Hobie Cat tournament (sailing) taking place there on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So (there I go again) although it was work it wasn’t too painful or anything. I want to share my more “artistic” (lol) photos of the boats.

First I went on Saturday morning. Papi and bebe went with me. I figured they could hang out in the pool. At first I was wondering if the whole thing had been cancelled because I didn’t see any sails or sailors, but after speaking with a few people I found the area where they were getting ready.


Hobie Cat 16 class

A sail.


Hobie Cat 16 class

Can ya tell I like the sails?

Enough Mommy, I wanna go to Walmart.


A picture of my child actually lying still!

Being around the boats made me nostalgic for my childhood summers on Lake Leelanau. I spent a couple of hours there and then we needed to go to grocery shopping. There was no food in the casa.

I went back for a couple hours on Monday morning, which was a Mexican holiday (OF COURSE this doesn’t take place on a day that I would normally have to be sitting in the office staring at the computer, freezing my butt off from the air-conditioning and bathing in artificial light). This was more fun because all of the sails were up and I got to watch them take off from shore.


Hobie Cat 16 class

Lots of sails. heehee



Hobie Cat 16 class

Hobie Cat 16 class


Hobie Cat 16 class

Hobie Cat 16 class and where it's headed.

Hobie Cat 16 class

And they're off!

Hobie Cat 16 class

And there they go!

Hopefully next time they will hold this event on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! 😉



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