What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

Isla Mujeres…yes…AGAIN!


I won’t bore you with another play by play of another day on Isla Mujeres. I will just share the highlights and my favorite pictures.

We have friends visiting from Wisconsin and we couldn’t resist visiting the island yet again as it makes for such a fun, colorful day. The little one enjoyed the boat ride more than ever. We had to hold on to him tightly. He would have jumped right into the water had we let him!



Hi Mommy, I'm on a boat!


Can I go swimming?


I absolutely never get tired of looking at the color of the water.

We scored one of the big golf carts and headed towards Punta Sur. There are a couple of new sculptures there including one of an iguana and one of a giant Mayan lady making an offering to Ixchel, the fertility goddess. She is huge and so are her boobs which are fully exposed. haha Our friends had fun taking pictures with her.

My amiga and I. Must always take pictures at the lookout on the way to Punta Sur.


Punta Sur Isla Mujeres

The giant (and thankfully not real) iguana.


Our friends and our little one. Is that water real?


After we made it all the way around the island, the little one was finally falling asleep, so we just kept going. At some point I noticed that one of his brand new fake Crocs had fallen off. So, on our second trip around the island we attempted to locate the lone dusty navy blue fake Croc lying on the side of the road. We never found it. Has anyone seen it?

After el bebe woke-up we decided we must head to Chuuk Kay again. It is so much fun on Sundays and once again this place didn’t disappoint. The band played all kinds of music…from Cuban to Mexican to American (perfect for us). They start at 3pm on Sundays. This time we ate and the food was excellent. I had the tequila shrimp. Que rico! My friend ordered a piña colada (well actually she ordered a lot of piña coladas) and they were sooo yummy. And bonus…the drinks were 2×1!

Some nice people that were having a good 'ol time!


Thirsty but refuses to let go of the shovel. (Until later when it went the way of the fake Croc. Maybe they are together now.)


We had to get our golf cart back by 5pm. Good thing because otherwise I’m afraid of how long we would have stayed at Chuuk Kay! After we dropped it off we headed for North Beach for a much needed swim. The water felt so great and our niño had a blast swimming in his t-shirt…and nothing else! Unfortunately I can’t post the adorable picture. What is this world coming to?

So it was another successful visit to Isla Mujeres…poor Papi had to go to work when we got home but Mommy and Bebe ate and crashed…we were exhausted!


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