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Our Trip to Tulum, Mexico…Ruined (Part 1)


ok, well it wasn’t completely ruined, but it was kind of ruined. sorry about the no capitals thing, you’ll understand in a minute. you’re lucky i’m using punctuation.

this post was supposed to be about our awesome weekend in tulum, i imagined how it would be before we even left, but this post is going to be different than i imagined.

we have never been able to take a vacation, before or after el bebe was born. all of my husband’s vacation days are used to visit is daughter in Cuba, as they should be, and i always use mine to go to the u.s. hubby doesn’t get weekends off so we can’t take weekend vacations either. so this time when hubby’s vacation time came we were really excited because we had decided to take one night before he left for cuba to go to tulum. one night is all i asked for!

i reserved the lunamielera (honeymoon cottage, as if) at azucar. It looked fabulous, and it was. we had a perfect drive down (the bridge in playa del carmen is finished so you can drive over, not through) and as soon as we arrived we smeared on the sunscreen and walked down the stairs to the beach.


no words

we're waiting for u mommy

mommy gets beer baby gets water

the fam

this is the best mommy


then it was time for el nino’s nap. it took some time, but just as i had hoped and imagined, we napped together in the hammock.


trying to get him to settle

never imagined he would fall asleep in this position? strange baby


papi wanted a nap too so he laid down in the cabana. when we woke-up, bebe and i went back to the beach. after awhile, i wanted papi to join us. with bebe on my right hip i walked up the stairs, stepped over the hammock, and BAM! i fell. i am not even sure how. i may have caught my back leg on the hammock but i really don’t know.

i knew my shoulder was dislocated as soon as it hit the wall, but i never dropped my son and he didn’t have a scratch on him. he had fallen perfectly into the open doorway. it seemed papi sprang to us even before we hit the floor. i told him, my shoulder is dislocated, make sure bebe is ok. he was. (tearing up now) all i could think about after i knew he was ok was how i had ruined our weekend. the man that worked at the hotel was there in less than a minute. i asked him to call the red cross. another guest asked if i needed help. he propped my shoulder up on a pillow and put ice on it. i was pretty calm. motherhood really changes a woman. papi was trying to change bebe (he had pooped, of course lol) but he kept running to me and lying on top of me. he knew mommy was hurt.

the red cross arrived in about 5-10 minutes (i don’t think that would have been the case in cancun). they immobilized my arm and shoulder (OUCH) and stood me up. i felt my arm click back into place. they walked me to the ambulance. papi and bebe would follow in the car.

in the ambulance i was tremendously thirsty and sleepy. i don’t know why. maybe the adrenaline was gone. i would like to say here that i was not drunk when i fell. i had consumed 2 beers, maybe 3, and i had eaten.

anyway, i was brought to a private clinic. the doctor tried to reduce my shoulder (put my arm back in it’s place) but it had already slipped back into place on the deck. they took x-rays and told me my arm was fractured. they started to talk about surgery and we started to panic. however, it turned out that it was only a crack and the treatment was the same, immobilization. they used two bandages over my wet bathing suit top which was filled with sand to do this and said i would have to get an immobilizer in cancun. when would my next shower be? :'( waaaaa

when we left the hospital we stopped at the hotel for a few things and then headed to the restaurant where we had planned to have dinner, mateo’s. i knew we wouldn’t make it to a cenote the next day, but we could still try to do some of the things we has planned.


making the best of things

they played cool reggae and jazz music

open kitchen

it's hard to eat a burrito with one hand


i think i was wearing my blue towel “skirt” when we went to dinner. nice!

we returned to the hotel and put bebe to bed. right about the time i decided i wanted to go to bed, some loud music started playing a couple of doors down. it got louder and louder and lasted until 2am. and i really needed sleep. 🙁 i asked about it the next day because i could never stay there again if that’s a regular occurrence. they said it was a wedding.

this is exhausting for me…to be continued…



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