What am I still doing in Cancun?

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Our Trip to Tulum, Mexico…Ruined (Part 2)


ok where was i? oh yeah, sandy, salty, sweaty and not sleeping in Tulum with a busted shoulder…

bebe woke up at about 5:30am. I expected this but papi was not very happy about it. i am accustomed to getting up very early with bebe but papi is not. However, we made the most of it.

we watched the sunrise.


it was actually much prettier than it looks in this picture


the boys took an early morning swim while mommy took pictures.


my boys

mommy's broken, but happy


we had planned to visit a cenote on sunday but that would have been really difficult, so at check-out time we decided to head back to cancun. bebe slept the for the entire drive…unheard of!! i guess it was all that sand and surf.

papi had plans to leave for cuba on monday to visit his daughter and parents. he assumed he wouldn’t be going after my accident but I refused to let him cancel or shorten his trip. his daughter had been waiting 6-7 months to see him! so, I called a friend and told her I needed her. she told me she would be there for bebe and I for whatever we needed, and she has been. in fact, all of my wonderful friends have offered and/or given us help. what a comfort and a relief.

bebe hasn’t adjusted very well to the changes…papa gone (he normally cares for him every morning but now he must go to daycare all day), a second mommy around doing a lot of the things that Mommy normally does, and the brace (shoulder immobilizer). he hates the brace. he tries to pull it off, he hits it, he glares at it. the number one worst thing about this accident is not that I can’t do most things by myself (I can’t fasten my bra, put a ponytail in my hair or drive), it’s not the pain, it’s not having to sleep in the brace, it’s the fact that my son is so upset and out of sorts. I hate that there is nothing I can do to make him understand that this is all only temporary.

how temporary is it? how is my arm/shoulder now? well, I have no idea. when we were at the clinic in tulum they never told me what to do next. they just kind of made it sound like I should get the brace, wear it for three weeks and then this would all be over. so, on the Tuesday after it happened, once I had my brace (and the best shower of my entire life) I went back to work.

i barely made it until lunch.

my shoulder, arm and hand swelled up and I felt dead tired and dizzy. seems you are supposed to rest after something like this happens. you are also supposed to regularly ice the injured area. they never told me that either. so I went home and stayed home for the rest of the week. my arm started to turn black, yellow, purple and blue.


pretty colors


i started to read about dislocated shoulders, separated shoulders, unstable shoulders, torn ligaments, and surgery.

um, I think I’d better go see a doctor.

i’ll keep ya posted, i have an appointment on wednesday afternoon.


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