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The Shoulder Verdict (for now)


fractured proximal humerus

my broken arm

Since my last post I have gotten another x-ray done (I was never able to get in touch with the hospital that treated me in Tulum) and been to the doctor twice. For the most part I now know what is going on with my shoulder.


The head of my humerus (top ball part of the arm that fits into the socket) is fractured in more than one place. It’s not cracked, it’s fractured. Please note the black lines on my x-ray. Lol My husband claims that they never said “cracked” in Tulum, but I’m sure someone said it to me because I didn’t even know that word in Spanish before that day. Anyway, the good news is that the pieces are not displaced (out of place, floating around) which generally means that you don’t need surgery. Also, my arm is not up in the socket where it should be. Please note the space on my x-ray. Ha However, the doctor says I should be able to resolve this without surgery as well.

Right now the plan is that I wear the immobilizer all of the time (except for in the shower) and in two weeks we’ll do another x-ray. I am hoping that the doctor will then say that I can start physical therapy, but what he actually told me is that then I’ll wear the immobilizer for ANOTHER two weeks after that (6 weeks total, it’s been two) and then I’ll start therapy.

A small chance that I would need surgery still exists. If we don’t get good results from the therapy it could mean my rotator cuff is completely torn and that could mean surgery, but for now I only have to concentrate on wearing my immobilizer and not falling down. ha

Papi is back from Cuba which helps a lot. Bebe still HATES the immobilizer but he doesn’t have to go to daycare all day and he doesn’t miss his daddy.  He is also getting used to having my friend around. With Papi home she doesn’t have to come over in the mornings and help us with our routine. She will still pick me up, drive me to work and then pick me up from work. We will then we pick Bebe up from daycare and she will help us with our evening routine. Whew. Is there a word for this good of a friend? Luckily she gets most weekends “off” lol, because another friend can help.


papi brought me a flute from cuba! we're gonna form a band!

and my sister sent me a drum!

It is depressing only being able to use one arm, but since we had a pretty good surgery scare (when the dr. first saw the x-ray he immediately recommended surgery) I am feeling pretty positive about the plan. The biggest thing that is helping me feel more positive is the fact that my baby boy is adjusting, and none of this is happening to him.



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