What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

Drinkin’ in the driveway. We are classy…not!


So since I can’t take el bebe to the beach, I brought the beach to him. I finally got him a kiddie pool, and it was worth every centavo.

They didn’t have a simple round (read: inexpensive) pool, so I had to get this deluxe version.


The boys couldn't wait to get in!


My amiga brought a pump but it wasn’t the right kind so I had to blow it up.

Bebe and his little amigo jumped in and out of the pool ALL day, which gave my friend and I plenty of time to drink wine and eat pizza in the shade of a lovely beach umbrella which we had to tie to the fence. More classiness.


At least she has her shorts on? lol


I wanted to be in the picture too.


We also brought my coffee table down from the living room. Furniture brought from inside of the house to use outside of the house is always very classy. My friend also brought plastic orange chairs for us to sit on, but our trashy party was not complete until my friend’s son ate his pizza in the pool.


Until he dropped it that is...


But seriously, it turned out to be a super fun day. The boys read books in the pool, a friend we haven’t seen in awhile stopped by, and my bebe ate pizza for the very first time! I’m so proud.


What does your book say? I dunno, I can't read yet.


Peer pressure.

He ended up eating a lot.


I think we’ll be doing this often, and when I get a set of table and chairs we will look less trashy. Grass would really help too, but that’s not going to happen so I guess we’ll have to settle for the driveway. But that’s ok, “drinkin’ in the grass” doesn’t rhyme anyway.


Our fishies.

Can we do this every weekend??


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