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Moving to Cancun E-mail Number 15


Moving to Cancun changed the whole trajectory of my life. Reading these e-mails and remembering my first year here really brings to light how much my life in Cancun has changed since my arrival. When I wrote this I had only been here for 3 months!

Hi Everyone,

Well, I must say that I am really looking forward to my visitors. My Chicago boys arrive in 5 days. I can’t believe it! My prima (cousin) arrives from Germany the day they leave!

I have something to report…the bug bites have all but stopped. I don’t know why, although I am not complaining! Maybe it is true that for the first month or two after you arrive, they bite you, and then after that they lose interest! Also, my feet are finally fine. No more blisters.

About a month ago, after the cat fight incident, I asked the landlord’s son (the landlord isn’t around much, he’s an alcoholic) if he could nail something to the bottom of my door so that the neighborhood cats would stop visiting. Well, YESTERDAY he did. I have found that you only have to ask once, and eventually, they will come and take care of your problem, but you never know when. I am handling this amazingly well for being such an impatient person. I hope that this new Kristin will return to the US with me when I eventually return. (I am still wondering when this “eventually return” thing is going to happen! I do let things like this roll off my back more easily than they did before I moved here. I wonder if living in the U.S. again would change that?)

It has been raining on and off for the last couple of days, and it has been nice. I can’t believe that I am saying that, but it has. It is nice to see a change in the weather.

Weekend plans…Lisa (La Boriqua) from the Salsa studio hooked me up with another salsa student from Chicago who is living here! In fact, she arrived only 5 days after me. (We are STILL friends even though she has since moved to Germany. She is also married now, with 2 kids!) On Saturday night she, Bety and I and maybe Natalie (the teacher from England) are trying out a new salsa place. We have decided that we have become too well known in the other places and that we need to take a week off! But we’ll see what happens when this place closes at 2am and we realize that Mambo Cafe is still open!

I miss everyone. I need a night at Scot’s with my friends, a weekend in Michigan with my friends and family, a night in “the country” up near Waukegan, a week in Arizona and a salsa class at Latin Street Dancing! I’m fine though, this will do for now. (Since I moved here I have been able to do most of these things at least once, but I still miss them all desperately.)



Next time…what will this girl do if she loses her job???


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