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I’m Free!


The immobilizer is off! Sweet freedom!

I went to the doctor on Thursday afternoon to show him my latest x-ray. He said that the little broken piece on the top is attaching very well, as you can see here…


See how it's healing right back into it's place? 🙂


So he told me I could take the immobilizer off on Saturday, exactly 6 weeks to the day since my accident. And I didn’t leave it on for one second longer. I still can’t lift my arm to the side or towards the front, but I can do many things I wasn’t able to do before like wash the dishes, type with both hands, and most importantly, give my baby boy the big hugs he deserves.

Friday I see the second doctor. He will finish checking all of my tendons by ultrasound. Saturday morning I go back to the first doctor again because he wants to know what the second one finds.

The IMSS adventure continues. I went to “Archivos” (Archives) to find out when my appointment with the specialist, the orthopedist (We are not talking about physical therapy here, I am STILL trying to see an orthopedist!) will be. They said they didn’t have an appointment for me yet and that I should come back Thursday to check.

I’m now taking bets on how long it will be before I actually get physical therapy from IMSS.

Oh, and just because I like posting pictures of my niño, here he is with some of his favorite things; the teddy bear my mom made him, Cheerios, and a Teletubbies video. 🙂


He didn't even notice that I was taking a picture because he was watching Barney.



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