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How to Get a Job in Cancun


A lot of people helped me to get a job in one way or another when I moved here. Some online before I arrived (One of my former bosses actually answered my questions online about living here 18 years ago!) and some after I arrived. Today I would like to share just a little of my insight with anyone who might be considering moving to Cancun.

1. Research research research.

There is way more information online now about moving to Mexico and getting a job than when I moved here. There are many more blogs and forums. Do your research before you ask questions that have been asked a million times. Don’t post something like “I am moving to Cancun and I am looking for a job”. You will never get a job that way and anyone who has moved here and done all of their own legwork to find a job is just going to be irritated by you. These Facebook groups are a great resource…

Cancun Expats

Cancun Expats & Friends

2. Plan plan plan.

Don’t leave any debts behind. I sold my (paid for) car to pay off my credit card debt. Have some money saved, at least a few thousand dollars. Have one credit card for emergencies. Make lists of what you need/want to bring and use a calendar to keep track of when you need to have certain things done.

3. You’ve got three options, teach English, sell timeshares or work in a call center.

This isn’t 100% true, but it’s probably 90% true. Unless you have a contact or friend here, these are your best opportunities to get a job. There is a possibility of getting an entertainment job in a hotel as well, but you aren’t going to get a job as a bartender, waiter or front desk clerk, these jobs are reserved for Mexican nationals. Many foreigners start in the positions I have mentioned, and as they find their sea legs or their Cancun legs as it were, they start to make friends and contacts and become aware of other opportunities. When I moved to Cancun it wasn’t common, but these days, if you already have a job and work remotely you won’t have to worry about finding employment.

4. You may not have to speak Spanish or submit a resume in Spanish.

My first job here was teaching English at Harmon Hall and they didn’t want us to speak one word of Spanish to the students… perfect! If you are applying for a job where you will be mostly speaking only English you will probably not need a resume in Spanish. I have never submitted a resume in Spanish for any of my jobs here.

5. You will need permission to work.

This is much more difficult than it was when I moved here. Mexico’s immigration laws have changed a lot since I wrote this post. It is now all but impossible to come to Cancun and change your tourist visa to a work visa. In other words, you must be hired from your country of origin. It is important to research the new laws before considering a move to Cancun.


  1. OK so I just want to be there in RETIREMENT…. I have no questions for that! Just a house with a pool to hang my hat 🙂

  2. I’m retired …. just can’t seem to get hubby to retire. Plus I’m caregiver to my mother. She won’t leave Michigan! Poor me 🙂 Someday ……..

    • Oh yes, taking care of Mom is very important. I guess at least Hubby is still making dinero? ha Someday amiga… 🙂

  3. i got one question, didn’t they ask you for a teachers certificate in order to become a english teacher? I’m currently living in Cancun, can’t seem to find a decent job. I wanna give the teaching a chance but don’t know what i need

    • Hi Omar! I did not need a teaching certificate to work at either of the English schools I worked for. Many of the schools have a training program.

    • Hey Omar, in order to teach english (at least in the mexican public education system) you need a TKT certificate, which is not all the expensive (1500 pesos aprox.)

      I suggest you google your nearest cambridge certification center, and make with them.

      Or check out this webpage for more info


  4. Hello, I’m a Belizean but would like to widen my horizons, I speak good spanish although my first language is English.
    I would like to live and work in Cancun, sounds interesting and challenging, do you think its a good idea?

    • Hi Maria, I don’t think I can tell you if it’s a good idea or not since I don’t know anything about you. If you decide to move here I would suggest you do a lot of research beforehand and come prepared with enough money to live for a few months without working.

    • Hi I’m looking for people who speak good english with or without experience in a call center and are outgoing over the phone selling vacation packages with inbound calls. i pay good comissions and daily spiffs plus a bonus help weekly.

      • I may be interested, I am in Cancun, My kids have been in school here a few years. I am from the US. What are the work hours, shifts like?



      • Hey admin. I’m moving to cancun in a few days. I have experince in call centers as a customer service agent representative and also as a technical support agent! I speak both, english and spanish. English is my strong language since I grew up in northern California although I was born in Mexico. I was wondering if you have heard or seen any call centers at all, that may be hiring? Or what would be the best option as a employee in Cancun?

      • I’ve been deported live in US 42 year since a baby looking for good job I have 12year in housekeeping n maintance 15years auto mechanic English is my first language

        • Hi Martin, I’m so sorry! That is unfair to say the least. 🙁 Generally I don’t think maintenance staff are paid very well here, and housekeeper are paid even less. Mechanic might be a better option. That being said I don’t know a lot about any of those jobs. Glance at the jobs on computrabajo.com.mx and you’ll get an idea of what is available. Best of luck!!

      • I am british would like to move to mexico. . rob

      • I would like to get some information about this job, I plan to be in cancun in August 2015, please let me know what I need to apply here,

        thank you

      • Hi im moving to cancun in sept and am from england 33 years old and have 10 + sales experiance mostly timeshare face to face also over phone im currently looking for a Job would love a management job as thats where i feel most at home but am flexible can you tell me more on your company and if you have any oppertunities. Thank you Jay

      • I am interested and I have worked in telemarketing in my past.

  5. I would like to get job in cancun…so what can i do to be there

    • I’m sorry Tarek I don’t understand your question. Did you read the post?

      • Hello, I found your information very useful. Thank you.
        I am coming to Cancun in a couple of weeks and although I have done a lot of research on teaching I am finding it a little difficult to find a job.
        Would you say the search for a teaching job is a little easier from within Cancun?
        Thank you

        • Absolutely Kayleigh. I doubt you will have very much trouble finding a job teaching English as long as you’re not expecting huge paychecks. 🙂 Have you found a place to live?

  6. How much can you expect per month for an English Teacher?
    Private schools or public schools?

    Jazmin Q

    • Hi Jazmin, it’s been 11 years since I taught English, but if I had to guess I’d say around 8000-10000 pesos a month which is 600-800 US Dollars. That would be in a private English school. I have no idea how much public schools pay their teachers but it’s probably less. If you have a roommate(s), no car, etc. you could live on 8000-10000 a month, but you probably wouldn’t be able to save money or anything like that.

      • Hi, I have a question, I’m planning to move to Cancun in Early august, I have some hotel work experience, but his teaching English sounds really good, I speak Spanish and English, can you give some insight in how to apply what they need and ask for employment there, my brother lives there so to start wont be so hard but he is also new there, but some what stable, I can work in hotels, schools, call centers and not sure what else they got going there, please send me an email at maroscar4@yahoo.com
        in case I miss your answer here in this blog

        thank you I will highly appreciated

        • Hello Oscar, are you a Mexican citizen? If you are, that will help a lot, if not, you must be hired from your country, as you can no longer arrive on a tourist visa and change it to a work visa. I haven’t taught English for 14 years, but I would suggest you research schools and contact them to apply, and check job listings here: http://www.computrabajo.com.mx/. It’s just like looking for a job anywhere else.

          If you are not Mexican, you will need your birth certificate and any diplomas to have been certified with an “apostille”. You can research how to do this online.

          Good luck.

  7. Hello,
    Very interesting post. I’m Canadian. Spent a few months in South Africa and now in Cuenca for the last 4 months. Wasn’t able to find a job here so I’m thinking of relocating (yet again) in Mexico, and preferably in Cancun. I’m a native French speaking Canadian, who, obviously, speaks also English. Do you think that having a French background would help my chances of finding a job up there? Thanks.. and keep up the good work!!!

    • Hi Andrea,

      Speaking French may help you, but the fact that you speak English is more important. Speaking Spanish as well would be a huge plus. I don’t know that I have ever met any foreigner who couldn’t get a job, the main issue is that most jobs don’t pay very well, especially compared to jobs in the US or Canada.

    • Hi mi name is Paulina Im looking for people to work in a call center we pay weekly great comissions plus a salary if you want to win money here is the place info 9988458741

      • Hi Paulina can you please give let me know how much do you pay? And the cost of living in cancun.. Iam very interesting in moving to cancun! I’m fluent in Spanish and English.

  8. im 25 year old after a job in cancun im from manchester england and want to relocate to mexico and live a more relaxed lifestyle i need help finding a job and accomadation whats best way for me to do this ???

    • Hi Andrew,

      I don’t really think living here provides a more relaxed lifestyle. It is diffcult to live here! The links to forums included in this post are a good place to start. You need to do your research. There is a lot more information out there than there was when I moved here 11 years ago.

  9. Hi there, I have a question regarding the FM3.
    Do i get the FM3 before i find a job or after i find a job i apply for it?
    Thanks in advance

  10. My family just moved to Mexico from the US. We are in Mexico City right now, but are looking to moving to Cancun before school starts. My husband is a Mexican, will this help me get an FM3? I asked another American here and she said I should get all my paperwork done here before we move. Is she right or can it wait till I get a job? Do my kids need paperwork for school?

    • Hi Michelle,

      I don’t think your husband being Mexican will help you to get an FM3. You cannot get an FM3 in Mexico City for a job in Cancun that you don’t have yet. You will have to do that here. Your children will also need legal status to go to school. Do they have tourist visas now? If their father is Mexican that should help them to get legal status. I am not 100% sure but I think you could take care of that in Mexico City, however I don’t think you’d have time before school starts.

      Good luck, let me know if you have any other questions.

  11. Hello How you doing?Thanks for the good work . I am mexican living in nuevo laredo ,mx. im going to move to cancun very soon where could I look for a not to expensive house to rent? Im single so it can be small.like the newspaper ,or internet where would be a good place to start? thanks

  12. Heey I’ve been living in nz for a year and a half now and i was thinking maybe living in cancun for some time, a year or two, my level of english is quite good and i’m native spanish, i though the easiest for me would be to get a job in a resort or something but i must be wrong, how much time does usually takes to find a job if you are open to different kind of jobs? And can you save some money or not really?..

    • Hi Alberto,

      What kind of job you can get and how fast depends on a lot of things, including your skills, you age, and unfortunately, your appearance. As far as saving money, that always depends on how much you make vs. how much you spend. Good luck!

  13. I jam from Puerto Rico but living in California, just came back from my vacaciones and loved Cancun. Idk what to do, but I will love to live and work in Cancun. I have a Bachelors in Business and I was thinking of a job maybe in the hotel industry or maybe getting a scuba certification and teach scuba or maybe going to cooking school an get training in culinary arts.

    • I would never discourage anyone from following a dream, but just know that getting started here is difficult, and you will make very little money. However, if you really want to live here you might not care about that so much.

  14. Hello,I am 23, male, and currently live in California but for years now have wanted to move to Cancun. I am a Mexican National, but have lived in CA since I was 3. I have family in different parts of Mexico but since Cancun is so Americanized, I feel like I would fit in there. I am a year away from getting my BA degree but I am starting to question if a degree from a University from CA would matter much there? I would love to work in the tourist industry (tour guide or even a resort) I am not worried about trying to make big bucks, since friends from Cancun say you don’t really need too much money to get by. However I am aware that Cancun is one of the most expensive areas in Mexico. What would you say is the sum of money he/she would need to survive in Cancun (including average rent and expenses). My English is good but my Spanish might need some practice, but that can be fixed. I know you can’t say if I would be able to find a job, since you do not know much about me. But what is your take on my plans as far as in the industry I would love to be in? slim or possible?

    • Hi Javeth,

      You are correct, Cancun is very expensive and the salaries don’t reflect that. You would probably be able to get a job, but jobs as tour guides are difficult to get and do not pay well. Resorts don’t pay well either. Keep in mind that you will probably be working 5 1/2 to 6 days a week as well. That doesn’t leave much time for fun.

      I have a BA in Communications and it helped me to get my job because I write and do social media. However, first I taught English, then a friend helped me get a better paying office job and then when that company went out of business I got this job. You have to work your way up here by making contacts, etc. Finish school, your BA will serve you for the rest of your life!

      If you really want to move here, try it, but have lots of money saved up to live on before you get a job and in case you need to buy a ticket home.

  15. i live in ireland and me and my friend were goen to go over for few mounts but every one told us ye wont get a job unless ye speak good spanish? do ye have to take a course to teach english in mexico and is housen and liven expensive

    • Hi Alli,

      There are English schools here that don’t want teachers to speak any Spanish to students. However, you have to be able to speak and write proper English.

  16. Hello. I was wondering if my credit in United States is any good if I was to move to Cancun?

    • Hi Evelyn, in general your U.S. credit record doesn’t mean anything in Mexico. Are you talking about buying a house or a credit card?

      • Hi, My family and I are planning to move in June. I have 3 kids (2,10,13) . I love Cancun but I’m looking in to playa del Carmen or Puerto aventuras. We hope to find a job a.s.a.p… I’m selling my house here in Ohio. We don’t plan to buy just yet we want to rent for a while and see how it goes.
        Any suggestions as far as a nice living area for families with young kids?

  17. hiya, im from the uk and 22. i really want a job as an animator in a hotel, as you know entertainment staff have so much fun. do you know if these kind of jobs are hard to get?
    i have done lots of research on pay etc but i cant find any job advertisement for this kind of position, i am with get up and go global to help get a job but if i can do it on my own faster i will


    • Hi Kimberly, I would say these jobs are not hard to get if you are young, athletic and good-looking. It helps to speak more than one language. In general I think these jobs are advertised locally in the newspaper. Know that animators work very hard…6 days a week and over 12 hours a day and probably earn the equivalent of 500 USD per month.

  18. I have owned my own business, am a Certified Financial Planner, taught classes for a year at a Technical School and now am the Director for Small Business Development in Fort Collins, Colorado. I have found I am not a Government worker and would like to do something “out of the ordinary” for me! My mother has lived in Loreto Mexico for over 11 years and loves it. I have owned a timeshare in Cancun for over 7 years now and love it!
    I would love to opportunity to find out about teaching in Cancun.
    Any insight or information would be greatly appreciated.
    I am heading to Cancun November 10-17th. If there is somewhere I should go or someone I could speak with while there would be great!

  19. Hey I am from the UK but have lived in Cancun for 16 months now, I worked in a good hotel as an animator for a year but left at the end of summer…I am due to have a baby in less than a month now and need to think about a more suitable job to return too as animation was 16 hours a day sometimes 7 days a week! I am a fully qualified teacher in the UK (primary) and i have my FM3 already. I have excellent spoken and written English and speak basic Spanish (not as much as i should do by now) but I understand alot more. I dont know where to look for jobs! Do you have any advice on where I can look for adverts?

    Any help is much appreciated!!

    • Hi Lisa,

      I think http://www.computrabajo.com.mx/ is a great resource. You also might try http://empleo.trovit.com.mx/.

      Best of luck!

      • Bonjour, et merci d’avance pour l’attention que vous porterez à ce commentaire.
        Je reviens de vacances (Cancun) et suis tombé “amoureux” de ce coin paradisiaque. Habitant sur la Cote d’Azur, jaimerais passer plus de temps au soleil que 6mois de l’année! J’ai travaillé dans les plus grands palaces et sur des plages en tant que plagiste, serveur, barman, je parle francais et italien courrament, ainsi que l’anglais, et je possede quelques notions de Russe. Je ne parle cependant pas l’espagnol, mais reussis parfois à le comprendre. Existerait il des possiblités pour moi quelles qu’elles soient pour que je trouve du travail labas?? merci

        • I am going to have to answer you in English since I don’t speak French. haha I know what you asked thanks to Google Translate!

          Jobs like beach attendant, waiter and bartender are almost always held by Mexicans. In addition, it has suddenly become much more difficult for foreigners to get a job in Cancun as you can no longer arrive as a tourist and change your status.

  20. Hi I am a dancer and choreographer in Toronto. I have been thinking of going Cancun for awhile before coming back for University. I have been many times over the years and have local friends who have offered places to rent but need to figure out how to apply for entertainment jobs? Is there any way to find these contacts from home before I go? I have researched places like Coco Bongo but can never find any contact info other than sales. The english teaching sounds great too!!

    • Hi Ashley, it has suddenly become much more difficult for foreigners to get a job in Cancun as you can no longer arrive as a tourist and change your tourist visa to a work visa. I don’t know how you could possibly get hired as a dancer without an audition. 🙁

  21. If I had no debt and around 30K saved up, with $1600 guaranteed income every month but spoke very little Spanish, would you recommend moving down there and beginning to look for work once I was there? Could I find a job anywhere? I tried applying to the English teaching company but their entire website is in Spanish. Thanks.

    • Hi Chris, you are in a great position to move here with the savings and guaranteed income, unfortunately it has suddenly become much more difficult for foreigners to get a job in Cancun as you can no longer arrive as a tourist and change your status due to changes in immigration laws. However with the income you have you might be able to apply for a “retirement” visa. It has nothing to do with age, only with the fact that you have guaranteed income.

      • Could I live off of that money okay down there? I don’t want to be over extended once I get down there.

        • Yes, that would be a pretty good salary down here. You wouldn’t find many jobs that pay more than the equivalent of 1600 USD/month. I mean, you aren’t going to be rich but you can definitely do it.

          • Hello, My family and I (my husband and 3 kids ages 13,9,2) are a moving to Tulum in June. We have about $16,000 saved up. With a $600 income from the U.S. every month for the next 8 years.
            I’m planning on going to Tulum in may to look for an apt. I’m having trouble finding a websit with apartments,it seems like all I can find are vacation retails.is there a website that I can find a place to live? What did you do when you first got there?
            Do I apply for the fm3 from here or when I get there?
            Is my American credit any good over there?
            Thank you so much, God bless you!

          • Hi Evelyn,

            Sorry, I don’t know of any websites that advertise apartments in Tulum. If you’re not moving here until June it’s way too early to look anyway. You should easily be able to find something when you come down in May.

            There have been recent changes in immigration that prevent someone from arriving as a tourist and then changing their tourist visa to a work visa. The only way so far that I know to get around this is to come down here, find a job, and then return to the US while the company helps process your work permit. Unfortunately I don’t think many companies will be willing to do this.

            You can use US credit cards but your credit rating has no meaning here.

          • Hello,
            Can I apply for a work visa while still in the U.S.?

  22. Hi !!

    My husband and me are looking for a house in cancun because we fall in love with after our vacations 🙂 I’m from Canada.. Québec so I’m french and I speak english but not enough I think for teach to someone. So, my question is do you think that a french teacher can find easily a job in Cancun ? I don’t talk about work visa, we have already done, just if french teacher is wanted or not and if yes I imagine we need to go directly to the school for apply ??
    Thank you very much

    • Hi Audrey,

      I would imagine that yes, there are schools that need French teachers, however you would probably have to speak Spanish as well. You would definitely need to go directly to the school to apply. Good luck!

  23. I have a AAS degree and years of a skilled trade, machinist, have you heard of many position in that field and is the process for obtaining a FM3 the same with skilled vs. unskilled labor?

    • Hi Stu,

      I really don’t know anything about these types of jobs, but in general terms, if a Mexican can do it, they won’t hire a foreigner. The process for obtaining an FM3 is the same for all jobs and you now must apply from your home country.

  24. I am a Mexican national but have never been dw there but I am considering moving to cancun problem is i Wouldn’t have a clue how to get a job or what type of documents I need to work I’ve tried Googling but not much helpful info.any advice u can give

    • Hi Victor,

      Sorry I don’t know anything about what kind of documents you’ll need, but I do know that if you’re Mexican it will be much easier for you to get them. I would start with your birth certificate and passport. Once you have those you should be able to get just about anything else you’ll need.

      Looking for a job here is just like looking for a job anywhere else and what kind of job you can get depends on your education and skills.


  25. Hi. I’ live in the U.S i’m planning to move to cancun in a while (Around 5 years or less) my first language is spanish but i do speak english. I’m 20 years old planning to study graphic designs. I have money saved and still keep saving BUT……i have family in quintana roo that move over there and told me that cancun is not like it use to be and it fried me.
    My plans was to make a small business over there. BUT I’ don’t know if is worth it to open a business in Cancun not really knowing the economy over there..

    I would love you opinion since you live over there and it seems that you are a really honest person.
    how’s the economy ?
    would i be able to get a jog as a graphic designer? I’m a humble person so i don’t need much .

    • Hi Guerzon,

      I would only open a small business that isn’t visible, meaning I wouldn’t open a restaurant or a shop.

      I think the economy is fine, but everyone has a different opinion about that depending on their situation. I don’t think you would have difficulty finding work as a graphic designer, especially if you speak Spanish and English.

      If you aren’t Mexican then you will need to look into the new immigration laws applying to foreigners and permission to work in Mexico. Best of luck!

  26. i want to move down there but i am finding it hard to make contact with some/anyone that lives down there..i am mexican and i live all my life in los angeles..36 years…i dont like living in the u.s anymore and i am looking for a change..i dont want to dive into this blind..please any help will be appreciated..

    • You have to research. There is a lot of info on the internet about people moving to Mexico and specifically to Cancun.

      I don’t know your work history or what your skills are, but you can get a good idea of what other jobs are available here… http://www.computrabajo.com.mx/

      Have you ever been here? Vacationing here is very different than living here and wages are much lower than they are in the U.S. I would visit before you move here if possible to look into a place to live, and if/when you do move make sure you have a good amount of money in the bank.


  27. Hey Im a proffesional bartender hoping to stop of and work in cancun for spring and summer why do you say will not get a bartending job? I am kiwi and do not speak fluent spanish.. could this be the main reason i will find it hard to aquire a job?

    • Hi Chris, I say that because employers must prove that a foreign employee is filling a position that a Mexican cannot. So, since there are plenty of Mexicans that are qualified to bartend, it’s not easy for foreigners to get bartending jobs. Not being able to speak Spanish would be another reason.

  28. Hi! just saw your post…I´ve been living here for 8 years, and teaching English for a school for 7. I´m now looking for other companies to teach…do you have any suggestions that would make it easier to get my qualifications to companies?Thanks!

  29. Hello, currently i am living in Mexico City , i am from the UK and married to a Mexican woman, she has a new job to start in Cancun so i will be moving with her to Cancun. What i would like some advice on is- in your opinion what is the best way to find a job teaching English? wait till i am in Cancun and visit schools etc and ask in person about vacancies ? I have sent en email to Harmon Hall asking them (was only today i did it) ,just waiting on a reply from them,
    Also on a side note can you or any others on here recommend living areas for me? i have 2 childern so close to schools and safe quieter areas would we of preference, thanks for your time

    • Hi Tommy, I do think the best way to find a job is to visit schools. Nobody will hire someone without meeting them anyway.

      As for a place to live, you will probably want to look downtown, between Bonampak and Kabah, and Nichupte and Lopez Portillo. There is also a lot of new development to the south (close to the Santa Fe developments). The schools are kind of scattered all over.

      Best of luck with your move!

  30. Hello, I have lived here with my boyfriend for about 3 and a half years now. I teach English at a kinder and Business English to mexican employees who work for American companies, aslo. My boyfriend just got hired on at a Sushi Restaurant there in Cancun. I have no teaching certificate or FM3 form, but I haven´t had any problems. My question is… will I be able to find a job in Cancun, doing the same work, if we decide to move there? I am also, a little concerned, because we paid for his flight there, but do you think the restraunt he is going to work for will help him find a reasonable place to stay, when he lands, or will he be on his own? Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Kimberly, I’m glad you haven’t had any problems but you might want to look into legally working/living in Mexico. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a job teaching English. I really think your boyfriend should ask the restaurant directly if they will be helping him with living arrangements, etc. Best of luck!

  31. Hello I am moving there with my husband and three small children. I have been worried about education and your information about only English speaking schools is awesome. I have always wondered if USA is ranked in the bottom 13 in education compared to all the countries why is it that an education here is more valuable than an education in Mexico. that’s not my question my question is my husband and I are not retiring and we will both have to work. I understand at some point we will have to pay for them to go to school. What age is that or grade level and how much does it cost? Thank you!

    • Hi again Nancy, actually there are private schools at all prices. My little one will start school in the Fall and I believe it will cost about 2,500 pesos a month. That doesn’t include an inscription fee or uniforms. I doubt it includes books either.

  32. Admin can you please help me find a job? I won’t know anyone and coming alone. You can e-mail me

    • With all due respect Jillian, why would I help someone I don’t know to find a job? I am happy to share tips and advice, but I’m afraid you’ll have to work on finding a job on your own. There is tons of info on the internet about moving to Cancun and finding a job.

  33. Hey love your post and all the great info. Just wanted to know about the call center jobs im here in Cancun and I am an American and I can speak Spanish. Thanks Anthony

    • Hi Anthony, thanks for reading. There are always jobs available in the Sunset call centers. You can find the offices at La Hacienda at km 7.5 in the Hotel Zone.

  34. Hello!
    Awesome tips, I was born in Cancun but moved to my fathers country Sweden as a newborn in 94 and I have lived here since then.
    Im planning to move back to Cancun, Mexico later this year for a while to visit some of mine mexican family and maybe work a little..
    I have an Mexican passport and I can speak fluent spanish and my english is pretty good too and of course I can speak Swedish.

    I guess I don´t need an FM3? What types of work do you think I can get?
    I don´t know much about working in Mexico and I have only been here two times on vacations with my family ages ago, I know your probably wondering why I don´t ask my parents for advice or something, but sadly they passed away a couple of years ago..

    Hope you can give me some advice.


    • Hi Rolando,

      Since you speak three languages and you are a Mexican citizen, you’re halfway there. What kind of job you find will depend on what your skills are. Many foreigners start out teaching English, selling timeshare or working as part of the entertainment staff in a resort, but since you are Mexican and speak Spanish there might be other things you could do depending on your skills.

      Sorry about your parents.

      Good luck!

  35. If you are looking for a job with opportunity to grow in a professional and challenging environment come and inquire about a job with Ocean Dental Cancun.
    Must have 95% English skills and basic knowledge with computer skills, friendly and assertive.
    Send your inquiries to Benjamin Gonzalez at

  36. Hello there, this is an excellent source of Cancún info! So I am a Mexican citizen, but I moved to Vancouver, Canada after high school in order to go to university. I studied ‘Entertainment Business Management’ at Vancouver Film School and all my experience has been in Canada and in English.

    I am ready to move back to Mexico and I’d love to work in Cancún. Would you say it will be easier for me to get a job once I am in Cancún? Or should I start looking online? Also, as an ‘entertainment job’ in Cancún, I understand it refers to a staff position at a resort, mainly entertaining guests, right? Do you think that my education in Canada will help me get a better job? Something like organizing live events or working in concerts, parties, etc?

    Thank you so much in advance :)!

    • Hi Jose,

      I think it would be much easier for you to find a job once you are here. There are many event organizing companies here in Cancun so it might be pretty easy for you to get a job in the industry, although your pay will be substantially less than it would be in Canada. Good luck!

  37. i search job as waiter but i prefer in cancun

  38. Hi – I like this conversation….
    Good stuff!

    I’m an English teacher.
    I would love some help with locating a school list of English language schools.

    – or –

    Have I been wrong all this time?
    Should I google English language schools under different search terms?
    Should I even be searching for English schools using Spanish google?

    I was only able to pull these up:

    – Harmon Hall Cabo San Lucas

    – Centro Educativo Integral
    – Montessori Casa de los Niños

    – Colegio Amaranto

    – Instituto Peninsular

    – Centro Escolar Picacho


    – Papalote

    – Colegio Ugarte de Los Cabos

    Some of these schools are know are not English schools but its not clear to me which ones.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Stacy, where in Mexico do you want to live?

      • Hi…

        I was interested in finding private schools or Language schools that teach English in the Cabo San Lucas area.

        By the way I did just check out the Harmon Hall website however their e-mail is not current for Cabo San Lucas so I don’t know if that school is still located there.

        Thank you and I appreciate any help!

        • I would search, escuelas Cabo San Lucas, escuelas biligue Cabo San Lucas and escuelas ingles Cabo San Lucas. Good luck!

  39. hi , i jut asking if they are jobs there , and how much time i will waiting to get job, i speak 4 languages , franch english , spanish and arabic

  40. There have been many changes since November 2012. You can not change a tourist visa to a work visa now. You have to get an official job offer then file the paperwork an a Mexican consulate outside of the country of Mexico. Then you will be given a temp work permit. Next you will file more paperwork upon returning to Mexico at the immigration office. The local immigration office in Cancun should be checked with on proper procedures on this. The Mexican consulate should also be checked with on proper procedure.

    If this is wrong information updates would be appreciated on this subject matter.

  41. Hey im interested in moving to cancun, but only because of the mayan ruins. I know they are scattered all over the yucatan pinnensula. So do you know which are the closest and if getting a job working on them would be easy to get or if possible at all?

    • Hi Luis, there are some small ruins right in Cancun and on Isla Mujeres, but the closest large site is Tulum. You may be able to get a job as a tour guide, but I don’t have information on how easy it is to get a job like that. Good luck!

  42. I forgot to mention i speak bothe english and spanish

  43. hi there.!!
    how are you..?
    i am Egyptian and i am getting to know a Mexican lady and we are thinking about moving to Cancun, thinking of getting a job there is really making me nervous cause i have been working in a satellite channel here in Egypt for the past 7 years and am not sure am gonna find the same job out there , i speak english as u see 🙂 and also arabic as my mother tongue .. based on ur experience there for 11 years can u suggest anything that could help.??
    thank you 🙂

    • I don’t think you could get a job in the same industry that you work in now without being able to speak Spanish. In Cancun English speakers most often work in timeshare, call centers or teaching English. You should look into the new labor laws for foreigners, you now need permission to work in Mexico BEFORE you arrive. Good luck!

  44. I’m not that far away from Cancun right now – but – I have never been. I have some questions – I hope you can help me.

    I may have to move to Cancun for involved reasons. My boyfriend is scared to death at the thought of moving to Cancun but we know it may be a must within the next 6 months. His main concern is safety above all else.

    I beg your patience in this matter. Here are some of my more pressing questions:

    1. What is the state of safety in Cancun?

    2. Do you know a few areas we can check into living that are not to expensive but still safe? We will be living slightly below middle class to middle class lifestyle. Another words we will be living where the locals live. And as far as rent – you know I got to ask… How much do you think rent would run for an apartment in a safe area but on the cheaper side of things?

    3. What do you feel is the high season in Cancun for tourists?

    4. I am extremely familiar with Harmon Hall in other places. What would you say the high season is for hiring at Harmon Hall in Cancun? In the parts I’m in the high season ends around August. In early September schools may be in a panic to fill a couple positions – but – for the most part the hiring teacher season is over.

    5. Do you know of any on line resource type guides that deals with lower priced housing in Cancun?

    6. Is there an on-line expat community I can check out for Cancun that has basic information on for example mens or womens clubs, social events, etc.?

    I’m a little stressed over this move to Cancun so any and all information will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Linn,

      1. I feel perfectly safe in Cancun, as safe as I would in any medium-sized city. I used to live in Chicago and I feel just as safe here as I did there, sometimes safer. You have nothing to worry about unless you are involved in illegal activities.

      2. Rent on the cheaper side of things would run about 5000 pesos. If you spend this much or more you will find options in very safe areas.

      3. Low season is the end of August through the beginning of December, the rest of the year is “high” season although some months are “higher” than others.

      4. As far as I know Harmon Hall hires all year long since it’s an English school for all ages.

      5. I generally looked at the local newspaper, Novedades http://www.novenet.com.mx/clasifik2/ or Vivastreet http://bienes-raices.vivanuncios.com.mx/inmobiliarias-inmuebles+quintana-roo

      6. I have never gone but I know that the group on http://www.internations.org/cancun-expats gets together monthly.

      Moving is always stressful, but if you’re already living in Mexico then moving here will be a piece of cake. Good luck!

  45. Hello there!

    I am glad I could find your page. Let me do a brief introduction, I am French, 32y.o, and I have been living 4 years in Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala & Belize). Good life until now, but I got problems since I left my long-term girlfriend who had everything on her name (except bank account) I was kind of stupid and I am not really happy. I really need a change.

    I am in a kind of delicate situation. But, I am not ready to go back to Europe. I was thinking to come to Cancun. I might only have like USD$3000. Do you think it would be sufficient, the time to find a occupation? I was thinking starting with Timeshare. I did it in Spain back in 2007, and it worked pretty well (It s not really ethical though…) I speak spanish, english and french. So, I hope it s not going to be too hard to find.

    My concern is regarding the new status of immigration. Is Timeshare´s companies would still consider foreigners for a position nowadays without working Visa? (I am planning to ask for one once I am on site).

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Adrien,

      In my opinion 3000 USD would be enough. If you want to start in timeshare I don’t think it would take you very long to find a job. However you are right to be concerned about the possibility of obtaining a work visa as the laws have changed, so I would look into that thoroughly online before you make a move. Unfortunately I don’t know much about how the new laws work. Best of luck!

  46. Hello;

    I’m an English coordinator in a Kindergarten and Primary school here in Cancun and am looking for a native speaking English teacher for half time work, I don’t know if you know anyone who might be interested on the job and could pass on my email address.

    All of my teachers are native speakers, our work environment is quite calm and enjoyable, and the hours and holidays are great for parents.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Rosaleen, sounds great! If I hear of anyone I will pass your info on!

    • I am an American English teacher with 4 years teaching experience both primary-high school and adults. I am currently working at the call center here in Cancun but am wanting to teach part time. Please leave your phone number and I will call you ASAP Thank you Anthony

  47. Hi, I an Mexican Citizen but I have lived in USA since I was 2 months old. I am in the finance industry but I want to find a job in Cancun and move there. I of course speak both languages and I am wondering if there would be some type of work for me in the financial world or do you think that I can find a good paying job in a different industry?

    • Hi Sal, I would think that you would be able to find a job, but I don’t know a lot about that industry here. Know that you will be paid significantly less than you make in the US if you do find a job. It helps that you are a Mexican citizen. I would come down for a few weeks and look around. You can check here too… http://www.computrabajo.com.mx/ Good luck!

  48. Dear Admin , if you want to live a normal life in Can Cun how much is so enough at month in Doller 🙂

    • Hi Jon, that really depends on what you consider a “normal” life. Will you rent an apartment or a house? Will you share it with someone? Will you have a car or take public transportation? Etc.

  49. Hi iam a belizean and it could be a great challenge and a great adventure to go to cancun. Iam a primary school teacher but all of my teachers certificate are in english do i need the apostile and the spanish translatiin do get a job thier as teacher?

  50. Closer: French, Spanish and English experience

  51. Hey there!

    So glad I found your website. I do have a question, I`m on a tourist vis aFMM and I{m married to a mexican citzien. Currently I{ve left the country 2 times now and returned to restart my Tourist Visa. We are interested in moving to Xcaret for work, he and I both speak spanish and english fluently. I don{t have a visa to work, could I go ahead and apply at jobs in Xcaret? Would those places hlep me obtain my permit to work?

    • Hi Emily,

      In the past this would have been possible but I believe that you can no longer change a tourist visa to a work permit because of recent immigration changes, so that is something you’ll need to look into. Best of luck!

    • From what I understand… Once you get married to a Mexican citizen there are no more problems and you can work. Thats what I was told by immigration. However, you still have to pay until you get your resident visa. You should go to Mexican immigration and ask.

  52. Hello Paulina, My name is Susan.I have lived on the isla. For8 years and and planning on returning nov. SALES. INTERESTED.I HAVE DONE PHONE SALES AND WAS GREAT AT IT. REPLY!

  53. Hello, I am currently awaiting word of my work visa from INM. I have been hired to work in timeshare at a resort. Does immigration require proof of a degree to approve me for a work visa in timeshare/sales in Mexico? I was not told I would have to provide one ( and I don’t have one) when the pay company asked me to provide all necessary information to send to immigration. Please any information on this will help very much.

    • I’m not sure what to tell you Andrew, some jobs require proof of a degree but if the pay company didn’t ask for one then I wouldn’t worry about it.

  54. Good day … As a chef I’ve worked in 9 countries, for the firdt time vacationed in cancunfor 8 days and fell in love. The food was great at the hotel and staff just fantastic. I am single and wish to continue my career as a chef specializing in Italian/ mediterranean cuisine. My question is … are there hospitality recruitment agency’s… so to perhaps forward my resume I’ve had no luck in the last little bit …
    Many thanks … I appreciate your advice

    • I’m sure there are recruitment agencies but since I have never used one I don’t know of any. Best of luck… if you really want to be here you will be able to pull it off!

  55. Hi my husband and I are currently living in Dos Enero and teaching English. This is a rural community outside of the Tulancingo Valley in the state of Hidalgo. I am a native of the US and my husband has lived in the states for 25 years. We have been here in Mexico together with our two girls for almost two years now. I am having a difficult time getting my work permit here. It is costing me about 5,000 pesos because I am married to my husband and he is a national citizen of Mexico. Because of this I am having to get a permanant resident visa due to our biological daughter. Which in the long run is better but costs more up front. My main question is we are looking at the possibility of moving to Cancun. I am one class away from getting my Degree in Community Health (a bacholers). Is that a Job that can be used in Cancun? My husband is bilingual and is in the construction feild as a mason? I am semi fluent in Spanish would it be better for us to teach or to use or careers from the states?

    • Hi Monica, I wish I could answer your questions, but I’m afraid I don’t know much about the community health field and I don’t know what kind of jobs it makes you qualified for. Teachers don’t make a lot of money, but there are jobs available where you can earn a livable wage, especially if your husband works too. I must point out that your husband probably made very good money in the US in construction but I’m sure you know that unfortunately that will not be the case in Mexico.

      • Thanks for your comments and we will be in touch as plans progress further. Also the feild of Health Promotion is considered as Salud de Vida in Mexico. We study health trends, promote health in any way we can and are involved with health classes and epidemiology. That is kind of what I do in a nut shell. I am a little confused as you mention that teaching is not very lucrative does that include teaching English as well? I was under the impression that teaching english was either the first prefference in Jobs for foriengers and second was telemarketing for times shares. That is what I have been reading at least. Monica and Alfredo.

        • Hi dear and thank you for the good work! I am bilingual fluent French and English (though French is my first language) I will probably start living in Mexico City early 2014. I am very much interested in the teaching but as u mentionned they get around 600usd is there any way i could get 2 teaching positions in two differents schools to top up my incomes or are all school programs in the same slot of time?! And another thing is there How much approx. Would be a onebed flat rent in Mexico city? Thank u very much for yr help!

          • I’m sorry Treshia, but since I live in Cancun, I don’t have any idea what rent is like in Mexico City. Private language schools hold classes all day, so I’m sure you would be able to teach in the morning, afternoon and evening if your work permit allows you to. Unless you have already been offered a teaching position you will have to look into how to obtain a work permit.

        • You are correcct, teaching English and selling timeshare are popular jobs for foreigners, but that is because they are the easiest jobs for foreigners to get, not because they pay well.

  56. Customer Service/Patient Coordinator

    A rapidly growing medical tourism company is seeking experienced customer service coordinator with telephone sales experience, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. You would be required to work 48 hours a week over 6 days a week with Saturday or Sunday off.

    You will be contacting clients via telephone and email; your goal will be to interview the prospects, analyze their needs and give them accurate information about what they are inquiring. Require 2 weeks of training and on-site assisting to learn treatments. The end goal being to set an appointment with the company and provide the patient with the best treatment possible.

    Main responsibilities:
    · Follow-up with warm prospects that have submitted a request for information
    · Conduct a needs analysis to understand the patient requirements and provide accurate information
    · Follow-up with patients regarding the request for information submitted by the prospect within 24hours.
    · Responsible for closing sales, both individual and corporate, via telephone and email
    · Developing and solidifying relationships with patients
    · Maintain regular contact with patients and providers via telephone and email

    Key Requirements:
    · Women preferred.
    · 100% English written and spoken
    · Spanish not require but valuable
    · Very Strong oral and written English communication skills are required
    · Able to compose professional level business emails following proper email etiquette
    · Knowledge using Microsoft Outlook with multiple email accounts
    · Knowledge using Microsoft Office Word and Excel
    · Be able to multi-task and use multiple PC programs at one time
    · Effective listener who is able to quickly grasp the patients’ needs and expectations
    · Ability to quickly establish rapport with clients in a way that allows for a comfortable consultation
    · Works well under pressure and does not waiver in working as a team
    · Availability to work a flexible schedule
    · Shows/practices a commitment to ethical conduct

    Candidate meeting all of the above criteria, please reply to this post with a current copy of your resume and a cover letter to -_______________- EMAIL. The cover letter can be on the body of the email or as an attachment. We will not be able to consider submissions not meeting above-stated criteria.
    CALL 998-180-3811

    • I would like to know if there are still openings for this posting. I have an interest ,although would like to acquire more information.

  57. Hi admin, I am living here in mexico city and i am working in a call center. i lived in the us for over 17 yrs and i will like to go to cancun. i am a lighting technician and i worked for 16 yrs un the entertainment business, how high are my chances to work there in the entertainment industry. i do have a famili member living in playa del carmen, but i will like to do this on my own…

    • I’m sorry Johathan, I have no idea what your chances of getting a job are, but most resorts, nightclubs and event companies need lighting technicians.

  58. another question will be… where can i find any good websites about stage lighting companies in cancun… as you know here in mexico, because the insecurity most of the companies does not have good or valid websites like in the US. if you can please refer me to good blogs or website i will appreciate… thank you.

    • Sorry, I don’t know of any websites about stage lighting companies in Cancun, but a good place to look for jobs is computrabajo.com.mx

  59. Hey, how did you go about getting a job teaching English in Cancun? Is there any contact information you can provide me with? Thanks!

    • Hi Aaron, I researched names of schools online and after I arrived and then I contacted them to apply. This is what you should do as well.

      • Hello, thanks for the great page. So my wife is from Cancun and has been here with me in the states since getting married 2 years ago. I visited there many times and I do love it! I really would like to move to Cancun but as you know its tough. I am 36 yo and I am a high school guidance counselor. I hold a masters in Counseling Education and I coach high school football. I am also tech savvy. I am 20% spanish speaking/understanding. Do you think there would be positions at a University? I know that their is an English speaking private school, but I am assuming pay is low. I am trying to think of a short term/longterm plan to get down there. I was thinking maybe going back to school for technology? Do you know of success stories of gringos outside of business? Any help is appreciated and thanks again for the great resource page.

        • Hi Ben, the universities in Cancun do not pay well. I know a lot of foreigners, some make more money than others. I would say the ones that generally earn the most are in management positions in tourism or timeshare sales. I would say most people’s standard of living actually goes down, nobody moves to Cancun to get rich. haha

  60. Thank you for providing a valuable resource!

    I have stage 4 cancer and would like to live my remaining days in Cancun. I have disability income of $1400 USD/Month.

    My son has agreed to come with me and is the GM of a major hotel in Dallas, TX … You say that hotel jobs are hard to come by but it seems you’re referencing hourly type positions. Do you think it would be as, or more difficult to find a management position in a hotel?

    Thank you in advance for your advice.

    • Hi Lesa, I’m so very sorry to hear about your illness. I hate to tell you this but I do think it would be very difficult for your son to find a management position in a hotel, especially upon arrival. If he speaks Spanish that might help. Or does the hotel he works for have a hotel in Cancun?

      • Thank you for your quick response! My son knows very little Spanish – not enough to be able to communicate very well. Also, most major hotels are franchised and the owner’s of his don’t own anything outside the US.

        I appreciate your time and am thankful for the information you provided!

  61. Hello
    Looking for something to do this summer (April-October)
    Interested in teaching English, possibley for that company you posted above but had a few questions about it, which I was hoping you could answer.

    Where abouts in cancun is the school located? What sort of hours do you work? How do you apply? How many other English teachers work there?

    Thanks so much for all your previous information!

    • Hi Clarire, they moved the school. I don’t know where it is now but they probably have a website. Hours are varied and normally you apply in person. I have no idea how many teachers work there.

      I don’t think you would be able to get hired on a temporary basis because of work permit issues.

  62. I currently manage a hotel in the United States and speak only English. I was wondering what the cost of living is like in Cancun and if I could bring all of my household belonging to move there? Are there plenty of jobs for English speaking job hunters? What is the average cost of a two bedroom apartment?

    • Hi Rhonda, unfortunately I don’t think you would be able to get a job in a hotel if you only speak English. The cost of living here is just like anywhere else, it’s what you want it to be. You can rent a room and live very cheaply or rent a beautiful apartment, which would obviously cost a lot more. It is a lot more difficult for foreigners to come to Mexico to work now, as they must have a work visa before they leave their home country. Sorry about all of the bad news!

  63. Hello, I was born in Mexico but been living in Texas almost all my life. I speak fluent English and Spanish. I love Quintana Roo and wish to move there. I have a BA in Mass Communication. I do have work experience. Are companies hiring in Cancun or Playa del Carmen? Or the surroundings.

    • Hi Silvia, a good place to look for jobs in Cancun is computrabajo.com.mx and I am sure there are other employment sites as well. Good luck!

  64. I am interested in moving to Cancun with my boyfriend, who is from Mexico. I do speak Spanish, learned by immersion in the Hispanic Community here in the US. Here in the US I have had many years of Restaurant Experience, Sales, and was the Vice President of Production for a Virtual Marketing Company. Could you offer someone like me advice?

    • Hi Emily, you will have to look into the new immigration policies. As far as I know, there is no longer a way for foreigners to apply for a work permit once they are here, they must have a job offer and work visa before arriving.

  65. Hi!!! thank you very much for the info, very good your blog, I live in the city of mexico, i´m mexican , I work for Coca Cola FEMSA, the Mexican distributor of coca cola company, won $ 13,000 pesos around 1000 dollars a month, I am graduate in computing, I have 23 years old my dream always has been living in cancun, playa del carmen, the riviera maya, your experience may be able to see you get a job with my experience with a similar salary either working in sales, or something related to my career ? Thank you

    • I’m really sorry Mauricio but there is no way for me to know if you would be able to get a job or not. I would look around on the internet and start applying for jobs… computrabajo.com.mx is a good place to start.

  66. Hi my name is david, I just recently moved to cancun and im trying to find a job ive been looking everywhere for the last few days with no luck im not a foreigner I speak fluent English and Spanish I was wondering what advice you had for someone like me? Or where I could start looking for a job?

  67. Hello!
    Great website and very interesting articles:)
    I and my husband Roman are coming to Cancun next week. We speak English, Russian, Ukrainian and are learning Spanish. I am sorry to bother you, but maybe you know some place we could find a work? We have experience in SEO, online marketing, entertainment sphere and worked as guides. We really appreciate your time.
    Many thanks, Vera and Roman

    • Hi Vera, I would start by searching on computrabajo.com.mx, however, if you are not Mexican, you are going to have a very difficult time finding jobs because immigration regulations recently changed and foreigners need to have a job offer before they arrive in Mexico in order to get a work permit.

      Best of luck!

  68. Hi, your article was very insightful and well written and you seem to know what it’s like from a personal point of view. I’m a 27 year old man living in Michoacan and I am currently un employed. With that being said I would like to ask you what the best job opportunitys are for me. I speak and write fluent English and spanish. Thank you for your time

    • Hi Omar, there is no way for me to know what jobs you are best suited for. I suggest you search computrabajo.com.mx to get an idea of what jobs are available in Cancun. Best of luck!

  69. Hello, I am trying to find a job working with Coco Bongo. Ive traveled to Cancun and Playa Del Carmen several times, and always wanted to get involved with the entertainment side of things. Selling tickets to people at resorts and promoting Coco bongo. I’ve looked online and cant seem to find how to submit my resume to the right person and apply for this position. Can you help me?

    • Hi Tim, I’m sorry but I have no idea how you would apply for that job. My only suggestion would be to come to Cancun and talk to the people who are doing that job.

  70. Hello,

    My name is Charly and I live in Cancun, I work for a company who are looking for a Teacher for Us. One of the conditions are: The Teacher must be a native speaker, so I would appreciate if you recommend me someone for us.

    Thanks in advance.

    This is my personal email: charlyjpc@gmail.com

    • Hi Charly, I don’t have anyone to recommend, but your comment as been approved so that other readers can see it.

  71. My fiance is an illegal immigrant and we just found out he will not be able to ever get his papers. I’m trying to figure out a way for my son and I to live with him and still have a comfortable lifestyle. Would it be hard for us to find a job or would you recommend another place in Mexico we could live comfortably?

    • Hi Ashley, I don’t know much about living in other parts of Mexico, but I do know that if you want to work in Mexico now, you need to be hired BEFORE you arrive, so it would be best to look for a job before you move, and to check into new immigration laws. Best of luck!

  72. Dear admin
    My name is Ibrahim
    I am British citizen and I am in love in Mexico ,at the moment I live in Egypt tourist city but when I was in Mexico my heart went away from me there ,so far I have many years experience in sales and massage therapist. I wonder how quick I can find job there as I don’t have enough money to stay without work,I looked in to many websites but unfortunately without any help
    I really need to move there ASAP?
    Any website or email to contact to get job before I move there would be appreciated also I can send you my cv if you can help

    • Hi Ibrahim, try try computrabajo.com.mx, as far as I know, foreigners must now have a job BEFORE they arrive in Mexico in order to get a work visa. Best of luck!

  73. Which companies in Cancun are willing to pay small relocation expenses.

    • Hi James, I have never heard of any companies paying relocation expenses, but I would imagine that in some cases large hotel chains (Marriott, Hyatt) may do so.

  74. My wife and I have been seriously considering moving to cancun/playa del Carmen for about a year now… so much so that she’s actually received her dual citizenship from mexico. She was born in the US but her parents were born in mexico which allows her that perk. She’s interviewed and has turned down jobs from employers such as Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, etc., but we are now zeroing in on an offer from a place called Banyan Tree in Mayacoba. The salary they are offering is somewhere in the neighborhood of $21,000 – $23,000 pesos monthly plus a few perks such as medical benefits, some transportation assistance, food coupons, year end bonuses etc. I am exclusively a US citizen and my parents are central American. We both speak Spanish fluently and have hospitality careers in Los Angeles. I am an Events and Convention Manager and she is in Hotel Operations. We are trying to work out my visa situation and hoping that because I am married to her, I will be allowed some sort of work permit or flexibility with a resident’s visa of sorts. Based on the salary and the information that I have given you, along with about $20k that we are bringing with us, do you feel we have a good shot at a nice life in cancun/playa del Carmen? Thank you so much for your feed back and I love your blog!!


    • Hi Milko, actually yes it sounds like you are in a great position to move here, especially if you could earn about what your wife will! If you don’t find a job before you move you should be able to obtain legal resident status in Mexico as your wife’s “dependent”. Best of luck and thank you so much for reading!!

  75. Thank you so much for your feedback Kristin! It was truly useful.

    Are modern amenities such as satellite radio (Sirius xm), direct tv, etc available in mexico?

    In case that I flip out from the culture shock (one never knows!), are there any neighborhoods frequented by American expats? What areas should we be looking to live in if we are looking for a younger artsy community? We currently live in an area that has sidewalk bistros, art galleries, pubs and would like something similar… the zona hotelera, although beautiful, seems too busy and touristy to us. Thank you so much for you time!!


    • I believe satellite radio is available. I don’t know about direct tv. For the most part everything is available if you are willing to pay for it.

      There aren’t really any areas like that here. You might want to consider moving to Playa del Carmen. It has more of that type of vibe and is much closer to where your wife will be working. Have you ever been to Cancun?

      • Yes, I’ve been once before and she’s been about 4 times.

        During my stay we visited playa del Carmen which we found lovely. We didn’t wander too much and stayed near the quinta avenida which seemed to have had many tourists. I guess what I’m looking for is an area similar to playa but with not so many tourist, more so expats and locals.. i’m sure we’ll find the ideal neighborhood for us once we are over there.

        If I may, there is one last question that I’d like to ask you; you said in one of your blogs that you now wish you could be back in the states. Did you always feel this way or did you eventually come to this conclusion after being in mexico for so long? I think there are pros and cons in both countries – I believe our biggest hardships will be missing our families/friends and lack of modern amenities/technologies.

        Thank you 🙂

        Our plan is to stay for 3-4 years but one never knows!

        • That is actually a very difficult question to answer because I cannot leave Cancun as my son’s father is here. If that was not the case and I could leave right now and return to the US I am not sure what I would do.

          Best of luck with your move!

  76. Hello,
    Thank you for all the wonderful information. I am a Mexican Citizen (born in Mexico but moved to the US at the age of 9). My husband and I have lived in the US for over 16 years but would like to try our luck back in Mexico. We are legal (allowed to work in the US) but since we aren’t Residents or Citizens, I feel like our options are very low. I guess my question is, what are my options as a Mexican who is fluent in both, English and Spanish?

    Thanks so much I advanced for all your input.

    • Hi Polly,

      Speaking English and Spanish is good but your options depend on your age, skills and education level. Take a look at computrabajo.com.mx and search at the listings of jobs available in this area to get an idea of what’s available. Good luck.

  77. hi i am oil painting artist from egypt i am coming to cancun soon becoz my wife is a patient of autoimmune disease and we get treatment visa to mexico becoz she will need to be treated there and i need to have work there or start small business like rent small shop to put my art paintings and some antiques so i need toknow what process i need to do if i can as a foreign rent small shop in cancun and how much will cost monthly and if any one can help me to find work becoz i need to help my wife in her treatment thanks

    • Hi Mohamed, I am sorry to hear about your wife’s illness. I do not know anything about the process of opening a business or how much rent is.

      You can check computrabajo.com.mx to get an idea of what types of jobs are available in Cancun. Best of luck to you.

  78. I think it’s a good idea to tell people not to leave any DEBT behind in the USA – you might have to come back someday if things don’t work out for you abroad and you wouldn’t want to come home to defaulted this, that or the other while you were away. Of course the idea is NOT to have to come back, EVER, if you really can’t find a job here AT ALL but one wonders if most other countries would really allow an American or Canadian to stay in their country and work and live forever. For instance, I just recently came back to Massachusetts from not even Mexico but NEW Mexico, USA – another STATE, and due to the license plate on the car reading “New Mexico USA” I’m getting treated like a “foreigner” whom they “don’t understand how you’re Massachusetts resident and on MassHealth” and all that rubbish. The neighbors are telling people that I’m “from” Mexico and as such don’t deserve anything that I have and this could escalate to – well, now I remember why New Englanders LEAVE this area in droves. Slanderous neighbours ruining your life when “what people are saying about you” avalanches out of control.

    You know what’s funny, though: when I came back to Canada from the UK I didn’t get treated as much like I “must be” “from” as in born and raised in, the UK. Nastychusetts is more willing to jump on the bandwagon to label me “from Mexico” than my own actual native land, Canada, was to label me as being “from” the UK. All I’m saying is that you want to make sure that once you leave the US or Canada for Latin America or maybe even Southeast Asia, you can STAY gone.

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  80. I found your information helpful. I am planning on moving to cancun to work at a resort the day I graduate. I have not even found a job yet or a place to live. I want to work at a resort for sure though but I have questions:
    1.) apartments are very expensive. where is it cheap too live in a nice apartment?
    2.) whtas the best job for americans in cancun?

    • Hi Keerthi, you can find rooms for rent or share an apartment. It is not cheap to live in a very nice apartment. Most people start selling timeshare or working in activities at a resort, but you can no longer arrive on a tourist visa and have it changed to a work visa. You must be hired from your home country. So I would start looking for jobs online. Good luck!

  81. Hi,
    I am interested in joining a call center in Mexico. I have a very good experience in call centers. I worked with Bank of America and currently with Dell Computers in Hyderabad, India. Appreciate your help to get me a job, Thanks.

  82. I speak Spanish have dual citizenship and my mom has a house there what kind of employment options do I have ?

    • Let me start this post by first saying that I’ve only been here since Early December. That being said I am still new to the area and may find my groove soon.

      If you are an American citizen and have something stable in the U.S. And are not looking to retire, this place isn’t for you. TRUST ME this place sucks after a while. The only way you may be fine living here is if you have a dual citizenship and speak fluent Spanish (and English) and have a great job. The Mexican immigration dept makes it extremely hard for you to get a work permit, and without one companies will not hire you. You can probably get a job working under the table but I’m sure that gets old after a while. One thing is vacationing here, it’s a completely different thing to live here. having to constantly be alert to avoid being ripped off, the poor infrastructure of the city, the way people drive, dirty supermarkets, I can got on and on and on … This place is a circus. It has it’s pros but they do not outweigh the cons. Stay home if you’re American. Relocate to Miami or something. But stay away from here. I’ve been here almost 5 months and it sucks.

  83. I speak Spanish have family and a place to stay and dual citizenship but I’m scared to move haven’t been there in since I was 8 I’m 29 now been mostly in the bar scene. I want to go to school there too

  84. Hi,

    Thanks for the post, very informative. I’ve been passively looking for job options in Mexico, ideally around the Cancun/Play Del Carmen area for the past several months. I’m glad I came across your post. My fiance lives in Torreon, and we’ve kicked around the idea of me moving to Mexico, though as you know it’s difficult for an American who speaks little to no Spanish (Currently, though aptitude to learn) to find employment, even with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business/Recruitment with several years of professional experience. Teaching runs in my family, and I’m very open to it. The company where you first worked – What can you tell me about them? Their training program? Pay? Etc. Also, do you have any other personal recommendations of employment through your experiences or your network?


    • I worked for Harmon Hall 14 years ago, so you would have to contact them to find out details about their program now. At that time I made about 500 usd a month. I don’t have any personal recommendations at this time.

  85. Hello,

    I’m wondering if you could give me some information or put me in touch with the right person to speak with.

    I work for a TV production company in London, UK and we’re researching into non-natives working and living in Cancun, primarily British and working in the bars and clubs in Cancun.

    Do you know of any non-natives or information of people doing PR/flyering for bars, Bartenders, Dancers in clubs, Club Reps, Hostel workers. I’ve also come across another role called ‘Animator’ who work in the Hotel Zone. Do you know which nationalities tend to work these roles other than Mexican? Do you know any of these people you could possibly put me in touch with?

    Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.



    • Sorry Luke, I don’t know any Brits working in those industries. Most people working in Animation/Entertainent are Mexican with a foreigner thrown in here and there.

  86. Can we exchange privately? I’m considering a temporary relocation this year and would like your advice.

  87. I am about to retire in teaching (last 32 years). I’m 62 and will be living on a pension. I hold an MA in TESOL and USA credentials. With all these qualifications, do you suppose I could land a part-time job teaching ESL w/o the ESL certificate?

    • I’m sure you wouldn’t have a problem getting a teaching job, the problem would be getting a work permit. You now need to be hired from your country, you can no longer arrive on a tourist visa and change it to a work visa.

  88. Admin

    I will be moving to Cancun in early August, please give some insight in getting a job there, I read your blog and most of your answers to different people here, and I can tell you are dedicated to this, thats awesome, you are helping and I will need this when I move there in August this year2015

  89. I’m planning on retiring in 6 years, but like you said, I need to get my “ducks” in order before I do it, and I’m very excited. I’m so happy I found your website. Thank you for the great feedback!


  90. hey. I would like to talk to you in private. Any chance ?

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