What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

My arm/shoulder injury…are ya sick of it yet? I am!


I suppose I shouldn’t complain. I didn’t need surgery, and my arm is getting better everyday. Saturday will be 10 weeks since my fall.

I haven’t been back to therapy. As you may or may not remember, the next step was another x-ray, which I needed to take to Doctor #1, the orthopedist. Well, I had that x-ray done on Monday morning and planned to take it to him on Monday evening, but my munchkin got a fever at daycare so I had to take him to the doctor. Ear infection. Anyway, I won’t make it to the ortho until Saturday morning.

But in the meantime, here is the new x-ray. I think it’s amazing that the small piece that was broken off the top has now reattached completely. The human body is amazing.



In addition, although it takes a making a weird face to do it, I can lift my arm even higher than I could last Friday, and I haven’t been to therapy since then. I have been doing my home exercises.


I am really trying not to make a weird face.


I will do 3-5 more sessions of therapy, after I see the orthopedist, but that might have to be it, because this accident is sucking up all of my extra money…and Bebé and I are going to Michigan in two weeks! 🙂 Here is his new Mexican passport picture. heehee



Sorry it’s a little blurry but it’s a photo of a tiny photo. 😀



  1. AWWW cute picture of the little one! And great progress on the arm. Keep those exercises going. Hope our weather cools off some for you. It’s been in the 90’s here …. Cancun weather!

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