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Tourists for a Day


Yesterday Bebé and I and our usual partners in crime played tourist for the day. We went on the Sub Sea Submarine tour with Aquaworld. Mommies thought the boys would like it, as they both adore fishies and other marine animals. Mommies figured that we would enjoy it as well but when we heard that the tour included beer, we KNEW we would.



Sometimes I just post pictures because they're cute.


After checking-in and boarding the boat which would take us to the submarine, we took off like a shot out into Nichupté Lagoon. It was a gorgeous albeit VERY hot day.


Luckily you can't hear the boat motor.


The girls and our boys.


The ride took us across the lagoon and then under the south bridge connecting the island of Cancun to the mainland. Right in this area there were tons of locals eating, drinking, relaxing, and swimming in the channel. They all smiled and waved as we went by. Why do people always wave at and between boats? I love that!


Cool secret local hangout area.


An adorable (and chubby) passenger.


We were then in the Caribbean, and approaching the submarine.


There it is...the yellow submarine! 🙂


We boarded and went down a flight of stairs which took us into the area where we would sit, which was underwater. There was glass on both sides so you could look out. At some point during the beginning spiel, the tour guide mentioned the plastic bags that were available under every seat, in case anyone felt sick. I was only half listening, but about halfway through the 30 minute tour Bebé started to suck his thumb and pull on his curls, which is what he does when he is tired. I had a feeling and said to my friend, “I hope he is feeling OK,” and she said something about getting a bag. I should have listened to her because about 30 seconds later…well ya tu sabes…my poor baby threw-up. I do believe he has inherited motion sickness from Papi, his sister also has a terrible time with it.


I feel a little better now Mommy. I'll look out the window.


Anyway, after that little bump in the ocean, he seemed fine, although he was very sleepy and cuddly (no complaints here) on the boat ride back.

Once we got off the boat he was fine, in fact, I think the boys’ favorite part of the day was throwing rocks in the parking lot. Why do boys love to throw rocks?


Not sure why this is so funny.


And just because, here is the cute stained glass window in Aquaworld’s lobby.


Look straight up after you walk in the main front doors.


Our submarine ride was successful in all as we got to see a couple of sharks, a couple of sea turtles and many schools of fish and different types of coral. This tour is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to snorkel or dive but wants to check out what’s Under the Sea.


I’ll spare you my underwater pictures, they ain’t very good.


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