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When we last left our heroine she was getting ready for some visitors…

Well, I had a great time this past weekend. Not only did the Chicago Boys come to visit, but they also brought another friend as a surprise visitor! That was so nice. As usual, the boys took great care of me knowing that I am so poor. I got to live like a tourist! (My boys always take such good care of me and spoil me rotten. They are the best and I miss them desperately.)

However, now I am a little tired and sad. It was hard to say good-bye to them, and I’m sure the nights of
drinking and little sleep didn’t help my mood! Anyway, I am lucky because my cousin arrived yesterday from Germany and of course she is being very sweet and taking care of me. After a few days of rest, I’m sure that we will be on the “salsa rampage” again! (Who was I kidding? We probably went out that same night!)

I am a little (a lot) worried also, so this does not help my mood much. The school has been very slow, and
while the boys were here the school told me that I would have to work part-time. I was chosen for this
honor because I was the last one hired. Well, I was thinking that while everyone is visiting, this might
be ok. THEN, the second time I spoke with the head teacher about the situation, he told me that if it is
slow this week, they might have to ask me to leave. THANKS!? He didn’t tell me that the first time we
spoke, and if I wouldn’t have asked him any questions, I wouldn’t have known about this. He wasn’t very
direct about any of it. He told me in a roundabout way. (I have learned since then that you must ask A LOT of questions in Mexico if you want to know what’s really going on.)

So, nobody worry about me. I will figure something out. It is just a bummer because I didn’t want to worry about this now!!!

Love to all,

Next time: Will she lose her job? Where will she work? And who is the very scary visitor her cousin receives when she is at work one night?


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