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Our Trip to Michigan


Hi! Sorry I’ve been incommunicado, but Bebé and I went to Michigan for 9 days and I had very little time to get on the computer let alone post. Papi wasn’t able to come with us because he still doesn’t have a U.S. visitor’s visa and in addition he had to work. Someone had to make money while I was off playing!

Our visits home are very important because they mean my son gets to spend time with our treasured family and friends who we live very far away from.

We started out in Ludington where my 92 year old grandmother and many other relatives live. My mom spends the summers there.


We're finally here! Thanks for the new clothes Tia Peggy!


A walk by Lake Michigan with the grammies and grandpa and the doggies of course.


He wanted to go with Grammy to take the doggies out every morning.


Our cousin helped him on this cool swing. He said, "Wow."


Pizza with his cousins.


Swinging with Grammy.


My great-grandfather Francis Joseph Odean died in WWI. When my grandma was 8 years old she had to stand under this monument while they dedicated it. They shot guns over her head and she was terrified.


Next, we went to Grand Haven to visit Bebé’s uncle, aunt and cousins.


Hanging out on the deck with the cousins.


Went to see some animals.


My niece (Bebé's cousin) fed some of them.


My other niece eats her first solo ice cream cone!


Had to take some pics of the three cousins and the bears that Grammy made for them!


In order to move around even more, we then headed to Grand Rapids where my father, step-family and many friends live. Now by this time Mommy was pretty tired so she didn’t take as many pictures and unfortunately the last two days she didn’t take any!



I'm a big boy going down the big slide!



With Opa and Grammy being silly!



At Opa's desk!


He finally meets Uncle V!


This whole trip was a lot of fun, but it was also very tiring for both of us. For once I was relieved to come “home” (that feels weird to say but I guess it’s true). However I was a little worried about the almost 4 hour flight from Detroit to Cancun. I find that most people are very nice and understanding about children on airplanes, or at least if they are not they keep their mouth shut about it. Flying alone with my very tall active baby on my lap was difficult to say the least. On the last flight we finally got an empty seat next to us (1 flight out of 4) and a very nice lady was sitting next to the window as well who played with Bebé and helped to entertain him. However, there were two crotchety #*$&@!es sitting in front of us making comments about Bebé’s um, well screeching. It was happy screeching, not sad screeching, and I know it can be annoying, but c’mon, he’s not even 2 years old so turning around and telling him that “you are trying to sleep and to please use his inside voice” probably isn’t going to work. I can take care of telling him “no” myself. Anyway, they made mean comments about my baby and others during the whole flight, and then one of them tried to be nice and chat with us after we landed…um…whateva! I hope you have a CRAPPY vacation you bitter old women, mine was awesome!


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