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Arm/Shoulder Update


Aren’t my posts exciting? Especially the titles? I will be a famous blogger in no time flat! LOL

But seriously, when I dislocated my shoulder and fractured my arm I was constantly searching for information on the internet posted by real people, including x-rays, etc., so I hope my posts will help other people who have had a similar injury. (My injury posts even have their own category on my blog now.) The phrase I searched most was “dislocated shoulder can’t lift arm” because I was very worried about this and wanted to know if others had a similar experience. I never found much info about if it was normal that I couldn’t lift my arm at all and it was frustrating. So if someone has just searched the same thing and found this post…yes it’s normal and don’t worry, you will be able to lift your arm again someday soon!

During my vacation I tried (and failed lol) to do my exercises everyday. I did however manage to do some of the exercises almost everyday. Now that I am home again I do all of them everyday and I can definitely see an improvement.


Always a dancer...lol


I had done my exercises shortly before this picture was taken, so my shoulder was warm and it was easy to get my arm up this high. When my shoulder is cold it is more difficult. This is after 5 full sessions of physical therapy, 1 (what I would call) partial session, and about 6 weeks of doing the exercises the therapist showed me by myself at home without any formal equipment.

I think I will return to doctor #2 in a few weeks to get his opinion about a couple of movements that are still very difficult for me. This is one of them…


I swear I am not exaggerating this at all!


As you can see, my shoulder moves up on the injured side when I move my arm this way. I would like to know if I can resolve this even though it’s not a movement we use on a daily basis. I mean, at some point I might have to do the robot dance or pop and lock!

Anyway, I do believe I might be done with therapy sessions. It was very helpful but I can’t really afford it and I think I can do the rest on my own.



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