What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

A Night Out with the Girls in Cancun


Today's my birthday! (well not really)


Happy birthday to me! As I said I would weeks ago (I wasn’t excited at all) Saturday night I went out for dinner and drinks with my girls and then we went Salsa dancing. Papi didn’t come to dinner but he met us at the Salsa club when he got off work.

Eight of my Cancun amigas came to dinner/drinks at Marakame. It was so nice and relaxing. I am usually trying to feed/entertain an almost two year old when I go out to eat. The food was yummy too. I had Pad Thai. Que rico!



Mas amigas and I.

Aun mas amigas. I am so lucky. 🙂

The Blond Charlie's Angels


Before I started my guest list, I kind of didn’t realize I had so many friends. I have really met some nice women in Cancun and it makes living here so much better.

There was a live band. The singer was great! They sang Happy Birthday to me twice! 🙂

Then it was time for the FAB cake that one of my amigas made me. At first when I called to reserve a table (the same day we were going) they said we couldn’t bring a cake because they sell cakes. Then they said we could bring a cake but we’d have to pay 200 pesos (20 Dollars US) for the privilege. I was angry but I agreed. The girl on the phone then asked me to hang on. When she came back she said that since my friend had made my cake (and we hadn’t bought it someplace else) they would just consider it a gift, and we wouldn’t have to pay anything. Thanks Marakame! We’ll be back!


It's tasted even better than it looked.


We decided 1 candle was better than 42.


It was easier to blow out too.


Can we eat it now?


After Marakame, it was time to go to el Rinconcito de la Salsa, the club that the previous manager of Azucar opened. What a cute, fun place! The decor is really nice and the band is very good (and I am picky about this). They play a mix of Salsa standards and some newer songs as well and it includes both Cuban and Mexican musicians. It was packed, but luckily we knew someone who let us sit at their table. The Salsa group sang Happy Birthday to me as well! I didn’t take many pictures at El Rinconcito, but believe me, we had fun!




I only got a couple hours of sleep but the next day I took naps whenever Bebé did. Best of all, NO HANGOVER.

Monday was my actual birthday. I put on a pretty pink dress for work and tried to take a self-portrait of my Bebé and I. This one was the best one except for my finger!


Do we look alike at all?

It was a successful birthday celebration and I got ANOTHER cake at work and a wonderful serenade from loads of coworkers. Here’s to another year of life!

Oh, and Happy Mexican Independence Day…VIVA MEXICO!




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