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Moving to Cancun E-mail Number 18…Deported from Mexico!


The subject line of his e-mail was “On Being Deported…” Oops!

Yes, you heard right.

But first, let me say sorry for taking so long to write you all back, and sorry to everyone I haven’t written back.

I definitely had a fun month, but now it’s back to real life. For the last month I have been living somewhere between real life and vacation. I feel like I could sleep for a week. BUT, I can’t do that, because I am starting a new job Monday and I have to go to Belize this weekend. (And not in a good way.)

The new job isn’t actually a new job, I will just start working where I have been training for the last three weeks. To be perfectly honest, I am not thrilled about starting. When they hired me, they told me that I would have one level, four classes a day. Fine, I would actually only have to prepare one class. However, they have given me three different classes, so I have to prepare three lesson plans everyday. (Man did I hate preparing classes.) This would probably be fine after I have worked there for a few months…but my first month?! In addition, getting up at 5am and living for the weekend is bringing back memories of Chicago and I didn’t move here to live the that way. Anyway, I am hoping that the money and security will make it worth while. Right now it doesn’t seem like it. (Getting up at 5-6 am was really tough! That’s pretty funny because ever since Bebé was born I do that everyday and it doesn’t seem that tough anymore. In addition working at Harmon Hall turned out to be a great experience in many ways.)


Harmon Hall Cancun...it looks a little fancier than when I worked there...photo by Leobardo.


To add fuel to the fire, this new job is going to prevent me from doing the one I really love…teaching Salsa at El Shrimp Bucket. They now pay me (money not just beer, tequila and food) and they even spoke of having me work every night. I give the lessons to visiting tours. I handle the mic, the Salsa contest, the whole thing. I love it! But, Harmon Hall would not allow me to finish at 7:30pm (because I am new) and so I will not make it to the restaurant on time. If I’m lucky, they’ll still want me to teach on Saturday nights. Finally finding something I love to do and not being able to do it is tearing me apart. I feel indebted to Harmon Hall because they are helping me with my immigration problems, and I know that later this year the restaurant would probably have to let me go, since low season is SLOW, but this doesn’t make me feel any better. (Actually, it didn’t take long before my awesome boss at Harmon Hall did alter my schedule so that I could make it to El Shrimp Bucket in time to teach the classes.)

Last but not least, I have been deported thanks to the idiots I was working for before. This weekend I have to go to Belize (leave the country) so that I can return and get another tourist visa and start all over. This wouldn’t be that bad, but the trip is about 6 hours on the bus each way, and I will only be able to stay there for about an hour because I want to come home and teach Salsa that night. I don’t know how for how much longer I will be able to do it, and besides, I need the money because I haven’t had an income for a month.


Where I'm goin'...Mexico-Belize border...photo by Brian Lopez.


So, how do you like that?! Please don’t worry though, I’m fine. I still do not regret my decision and I’m not ready to come home. Hence, the trip to Belize…the Salsa thing is really burning me up though.

Hope you are all well.

Dad, where are you? You can’t write your deported daughter?! 🙂

Love to all,


PS Can you imagine…the person that loves Mexico more than anyone else gets deported! (This PS totally cracks me up now! LOL)

How many of you have been deported from a country?


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