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I Love Lady Gaga!?



Yesterday I walked by a food stand here at work that was blasting music videos on their flat screen TV (don’t ask it’s Mexico, they do it in the grocery store too). Lady Gaga’s video “Born This Way” was on and I realized something…I love Lady Gaga. This struck me as odd because I never really thought about it before. I mean, I don’t even have any of her CDs, but I totally love her.

Maybe you love her too, or maybe you are wondering what makes me love her? Well I will tell you…

First of all her music is dope (sorry I’m a child of the hip-hop generation, the real hip-hop generation). It really is. Her melodies are SO catchy, it’s actually a little frightening. And “Born this Way”?  I LOVE it. I love the actual song, the intention, the lyrics, all of it. And that song is a regular anthem for the gays, and if you know anything about me, you know I love the gays because I’ve blogged about it before…here and here.

I love her clothes! I mean I could have done without the meat dress and this disaster…



But otherwise, I gotta say I am always wondering what she is gonna wear next. You know you are too.

Her videos…are awesome! (Sorry, I’m a child of the 80’s as well.) I really love watching her videos. The two with Beyonce, Video Phone (Well actually I think this is Beyonce’s video but I LOVE Beyonce too.) and Telephone are to die for! I could watch all of her videos over and over.

She is a great dancer! She’s not TOO good, which would be annoying, but she’s got something special and I love to watch her live performaces.



So I think I had better get me some Lady Gaga CDs, because I love her!



  1. She is wierd, but I like her too .. after all .. she is Italian .. so am I ….

  2. I’m obsessed with her music!!! (except Alejandro and Born This Way, not sure why…) but her personality annoys me for some reason. Can’t put my finger on it, but I just hate watching her in interviews.

    Whatever, I still love screaming along to Just Dance, Bad Romance and Telephone.

  3. I’ve seen her interviewed and I have to say I liked her much better after hearing her view on things! I’m all about peace and she’s right there with me. I’m not to sure about some of her styles though. I’m all about self expression so whatever floats her boat. Love her stance on different subjects like, No bullying, anti-discrimination, etc…. who wouldn’t love her?

    • I love all of those things about her too Tara. If her crazy clothes draw attention to all of those issues then I guess she can wear 13 inch platforms. lol

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