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Viva Mexico! My kid is Mexican?


I still am not quite used to the fact that my son is Mexican. I am American and my husband is Cuban, so that makes my son American and Cuban, right? But wait, he was born in Mexico. So I guess that makes him Mexican.

Mexican Independence Day is September 15 (No, it’s not the 5th of May or Cinco de Mayo also known as Drinko de Mayo. That day celebrates something else.) Last year I left Bebé at daycare on September 15, and when I went to pick him up in the afternoon, they handed me this Mexican baby…


I thought, “Oh that’s right, he’s Mexican.”

This year at the new daycare they asked all the parents to send their kids in a Mexican-ish shirt on September 15. So I bought one (that I wasn’t that crazy about…just put the flag on it, not some silly face) and left it out for Papi to put on him before he took him to daycare. I also asked him to take a picture of him in it. They all pretty much looked like this…



Then I forgot about the 15th of September.

However yesterday afternoon when I picked Bebé up from daycare there was a surprise waiting for me (and all of the other parents). They had a photographer take pictures on the 15th. They weren’t free of course, but I bought them and I’m quite sure none of the other parents could resist either.




I think it’ll make it a tradition. Each year I will make sure we take a picture of our little Mexican in his Mexican Independence outfit. I wonder how he’ll feel about it around age 13?



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