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Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Boy! A Mexican (kind of) birthday party in Cancun!


It’s that time again. On Friday my Bebé will be two years old. Unbelievable.

Bebé is my one and only baby, and since last year his 1st birthday party was at my husband’s parent’s home in Havana, Cuba, I really didn’t have to do very much to prepare for it. However this year his party was in Cancun (this past Sunday at 4pm) so I had to do almost everything to prepare for it. In addition on Saturday and Sunday I attended Kay Walten’s Social Media Boot Camp for Tourism in the Riviera Maya from 9am-2pm (which was awesome btw). So how did I pull it all off you ask? I have no idea.

Well I guess I have some idea. I have been planning and buying things for a couple of weeks, plus I have a wonderful amiga who helped me set everything up on Sunday AND helped with some of the food. She also bought me beer which is what I really needed to pull this off. lol

It is a little difficult to try to combine Mexican, Cuban and American traditions sometimes, but let’s see, the food was American, the piñata was Mexican (Cubans don’t hit their piñatas), and um…some of the guests were Cuban! lol

The cake.

Some of the decorations. The balloons kept popping from the heat and I kept replacing them.

A couple of the little guests.

Some of the big guests.

Piñata or Lady Gaga hat?

My Bebé's favorite part of the party.

La niña's very first piñata. I think Mamá might be more excited than she is.

It was really difficult to get a decent picture of The Fam. As you can see Papi really dressed-up for the occasion. lol

Yummy "cu-cae"! (that's his word for cupcake)

High on sugar? It was so dark that didn't know his face was this filthy until I looked at the picture.


I think (hope) everyone had fun, adults and niños. I bought WAY to much of everything, too much candy (the piñata was so full that it fell off of the rope twice…lesson learned) too much food, too much juice, after all, it was the first children’s party I threw, but I suppose it’s better than running out of something.

Thank goodness I have an entire year to prepare for the next birthday party.


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