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A Saturday in Cancun: Parque las Palapas


A week ago Saturday I took Bebé to Parque de la Palapas for a fun afternoon outside. All Mexican towns traditionally have a town square and park and Cancun is no different. These are fun places to spend an inexpensive.

First we got him is own little car to ride around in. They charge only 20 pesos (less than 2 US dollars) for 10 minutes. For very small children the parents control the car with a remote.



While he was enjoying his ride I got some pictures of the carts that open in the evening to sell Mexican handicrafts (while trying to control his car at the same time ).



Next we headed to the playground. Now that Bebé is a little older I don’t have to worry quite as much about him getting hurt. He isn’t afraid of going down the slides alone anymore. He doesn’t need to hold Mommy’s hand.


Top of the slide...

...bottom of the slide. He looks thrilled, doesn't he?

They were painting faces in the park, but I knew my niño would have no interest in that. Bubbles (only 20 pesos each) on the other hand…




By this time an amiga had joined us and we headed for the marquesitas, crunchy wafers stuffed with something yummy. After almost 11 years in Cancun I was FINALLY going to try one. I ordered one filled with Nutella, a favorite of mine since childhood. Marquestias are great and I think they were only 15 pesos.


Notice how my child has spilled his bubbles on the ground in front of the cart.

Now amiga’s son had joined us as well, and he helped me take care of Bebé. We all headed towards the stage…a Cuban band was playing. Yes! It’s no surprise that I knew some of the musicians.




There was also a free event put on by Telcel that amiga’s son wanted to take advantage of. Bebé was too small but her son was the perfect age to take advantage of the different stations they had set up for the public.

Bebé was starting to get punchy…so they stayed to hacer la cola (wait in line) and we headed home. The park was quickly filling for the evening activities. When Bebé is a little older, we’ll be able to stay a little later.


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