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Baby Gets (Another) Haircut


I am crazy about my Bebé’s curls. However, his hair was about 4 inches long and it was getting very difficult to comb, especially in the extra frizzy area in the back that oddly enough, my mom also has. So, it was with great pain in my heart that we took him for his 3rd haircut.

We went to a cool kid’s salon in Plaza Las Americas. They have a little slide, portable DVD players, chairs that have steering wheels, lollipops, and kids get to pick a little toy when they are finished with their haircut. It’s not very expensive either. It costs 150 pesos for a haircut, less than 15 US Dollars. However, none of this seemed to matter to Bebé. He was NOT excited about getting a haircut. The patient lady had to give him a lollipop before she could even begin and he couldn’t have cared less about the car chair…we had to sit him on Papi’s lap.



He went back and forth between being semi-content and really fussy…





…but in the end…mission accomplished!



They both look thrilled!

The only reason I am OK with this is because I know the curls will grow back.


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